Long range gold and treasure Locator - Gold Hunter Plus Device - 2017

Gold Hunter device - New Version You can choose the type you are looking for from the list as follow : 1- choose to search for Treasures and gold Underground 2- search for natural gold and veins of gold and gold nuggets and underground mines 3- search for underground diamonds 4- search for underground gemstones 5- search for caves and voids and the ancient tombs underground 6- search for underground silver the front range of the device is 2000 M vertical and a maximum depth of 35 M The device works in four languages - German - English- French - arabic German industry. United International Group Company Address: Turkey - Istanbul Mobile: 00905318524031 Mobile: 00905395440223 Phone: 00902125518188 Fax: 00902125518189 P.O.Box :34196 Website: www.uigdetectors.com Email: uigdetectors@gmail.com Email: info@uigdetectors.com


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