How To Install Official CyanogenMod 10.1 Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean on the Transformer Prime TF201!

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Miguel Munoz: The only download will work is CyanogenMod 10.1 20130627 but steal no support external SD card. Look forward for stable update from them!!

Damien Alsup: If you like stock because of everything working, you should try androwook. I ended up going to back to my backup of that. It's just basically stock with a few enhancements, including multiuser, but I can't wait for cm to get more stable with this. I've loved it on all my other devices over any other rom.

joshsnice: Nope! Please see my reply to Wickid D.

joshsnice: Please see my recent reply to Wickid D.

joshsnice: I had the same exact problem! Please see my reply to Wickid D.

joshsnice: Hey there! Sorry for the delay... I flashed the latest nightly a couple nights ago and had the same exact problem! I even went to the previous nightly and still had the same problems after formatting EVERYTHING that I possibly could. So I just flashed the STOCK 4.1 zip from Asus, ran Motochopper, and that's where I am today. I was getting irritated about the micro sd card slot being useless, some dock functions (like the usb port) and other things just being broken. Stock sucks... but it works!

lolAsianboylol: Yeah I have the same problem as migmuzful too. I'm in a desperate need of a fix. Plz help josh

Damien Alsup: Hey joshsnice, I used your exact steps and everything went fine until it booted. It got past the loading screen and then came up with FCs on the SystemUI. Where did you get the 06/21 nightly from? It's not listed, and everything after that has done the same. (and everything before that is coming up 404) Can you post a copy somewhere? Thanks in advance!

Damien Alsup: It doesn't matter, I've used the unlocker on both ICS and JB just fine. If you're running into that, check under "About Tablet" and make sure that when you sent in your tab, that they didn't clear the serial number from the mother board when they replaced it. If they did, you'll have to fight with them to RMA it again to get the serial fixed. I've also read of serial problems on their servers, so I would try again, and if not, call them and fight, because it was THEIR fault on this.

Miguel Munoz: Got it josh up and running with different 10.1 version but it won't see my ad card I don't know why?

Miguel Munoz: after all the steps when ok and the prime was rebooting on cmmod 10 shoing system UI has stopped? johs please help.

Josh Wyss: I've got a problem. I hard-bricked my tf201 in the past and sent it back in RMA to replace the motherboard. Now I downloaded the Asus bootloader unlocker and it gives the error "An unknown error occurs, which may be a a network connection issue. please wait and try again later." Any ideas? I know that the Asus site says the unlocker is only for ICS.

safwan rashid: can this rom detect external sd card?

Yann Penduff: do you know if we're gonna be able to receive OTA updates for CM?

joshsnice: I'd just wait for the nightlies to become steady enough to support that. Give it time dude! :) It's not like we'll EVER get 4.2 from Asus. They have given 4.2 to EVERY OTHER Transformer device, EXCEPT the TF201. It's being neglected and forgotten.

chronophysicist: hey thanks a lot of the guide, definitely helped me to flash my own tf201. was wondering if you have some sort of solution to monitor the battery levels for the tablet as well as the keyboard dock?

joshsnice: haha. thanks dude.

campos9896: Haha that nerdgasm you have at 8:12 is priceless lol!!!

Jakhobi Gibson: nice