FishingBot - World of Warcraft - Java Program

More information can be found on my GitHub : FishingBot is a program made in Java to automize fishing in World of Warcraft. This was a project created for fun and to learn more about the Java.Robot library built into Java. This program uses pixel recognition to determine where the bobber is, then continues to use pixel recognition in order to determine the splash. If you have any questions, please contact me at a Thanks for watching!


Tiago Solagna: not work.

Baydat: Is the program supposed to auto fish? Cause it doesn't for me.

Schwanzus Longus: i wasted like 6 hours till i figures out that this stuff is completely outdated.. some lucky catches but not on purpose..
it goes for the "white splash" that doesnt exist since YEARS.. instead of going for blue (because if the bobbler is going down it only sees blue because the water is blue!!) and the particle aswel.. if you turn on "outline" you could go for "if the yellow line crosses the cursor then do right click"".. probably gettin banned with my main because i used a vanilla bot rip.

Why you even uploaded that crap 7 months ago on github.. no fucking comment

Alexander Oppelmayer: Hi are you still supporting the file? :) I have some issues...

Laptop Menace: hey i keep getting calibration failed. I'm in windowed fullscreen removed all addons

Petr Dobeš: Its perfect man, thank you, you saved me a LOT of time with lvling fishing :)

Ferib Hellscream: how about memory read ObjMgr and get bobber, then wait for Obj animation. then calculate Object 2d screen location by using Object XYZ and Camera structure (wow uses 4x4 matrix) this makes the tool a bit more succesfull

romanteni: Anyone using this on vanila servers? Is there a way to get it to work since there's no auto loot like "hold shift" or something so it auto loots? And will it work at all or is there another vanila bot out there?

Wenqi Wu: Does it work on MAC?

ProGame: stupied autor!!! there is no FishingBot.jar

Dwarf Miner: How do you run a .jar file?

Animeman147: tried using it but for some reason it wont click the bobbler and loot the item :/

困Radwimps: how do you run the program?

Henoxen: cant find the file "FishingBot.jar"

Brock Pinnington: Hey dude, I'm guessing this only works on 16:9 aspect ratios? Not working on my 21:9 setup, not able to find the tooltip during calibration. Playing on a private 1.12 server.

Thomas Wesselhoff: Does not seem, to be working on Elysium.

Chris Martin: DO NOT USE! Will get your character banned, when trying so - it said a custom script is being run, and it could compromise your account and loss of items.

Deathwish: Fuck you man this program fucked my mouse cursore and my computer ... you are very helpful

Fishmonger !: Looks like this is on a WOTLK or earlier server, is that correct? Does this work well for WOD? Nice what you've done, I'll message you when I get a chance to explain how I've went about tacking this. In the meantime, check out my vids and program, I'd love to hear some feedback. -FM