Sony TA-F4A Amp

Sony TA-F4A Amp


carlos roberto pereira: tenho um filé

José Ataíde: How much did you sell it for, if I may ask? I still have mine but don't really need it anymore!...

José Ataíde: Talking about the TA-F4A? Hmmm... yes, it's little. I got one since what... 1978/9 and it worked for 10 years or so. Since then, problems! Maybe I asked too much of it... still, nice design, good looking amp =)

ksmccul: VU meters Rock!

Kelvin Alves: BRASIL TEM TAMBEM!!!!!

Webbbby: Glad you like it. It was a nice amp.

Webbbby: Yes it is an 1985 Onkyo Integra CD player. As far as the amp being little, no it isn't, I just had too much gear to keep it around.

Omega H: @Webbbby It is not that little! I have a TA-F3A and for only 50 watts per channel it has never ran out of breath.

Webbbby: The song is from 1974 by Redbone - Come and Get Your Love. Cyndi may have been influenced by this song, who knows.

Webbbby: This was an excellent condition small Sony amp that I sold on ebay a few years ago.

igorbog88: cool :D vintage awesomeness. love the little lamps and