Hondata Flashpro Install PC Tutorial

A quick video on how to install your Hondata Flashpro to your PC, how to lock it to your vehicle, and how to upload a basemap. We also go over some of the common problems encountered during installation, and how ti fix them.


Adrian Orozco: Do you have to leave the device plugged in after uploading a tune to your ECU?

Robert Haack: Thank you

Anthony Fajardo: Just got done doing flashpro on my 2013 civic Si I have a Skunk 2 mega power RR 3' cat back and a K&N short ram intake your video made everything so easy bro thanks a lot !! follow me on Instagram @itzanthonyoo

Efrain Hdz: si tan solo supiera entender english para aserlo😟😵

Glenn Camp III: Awesome video thanks bro these idiots who complained about it are retarded helped me a lot on my civic type r thanks......

010295k: Do you have to keep it plugged in?

Wilson Andagana: You can doing in spanish please

Anthony Clayton: Damn sensitive af, nice tutorial

Wilson Andagana: Puedes hacer en español

jimmydaves: I thought this was actually the worst tutorial about FlashPro I've watched. I've seen several tutorials that explained every step much better. This guy seems like a jerk as well!

I4NI Sounds: Bro thanks for the advice

Liam Hill: Hey, I've re downloaded the software countless times and I still can't put my details in... Any help anyone please?! Thanks

Oh hail King bobby: This is awesome...fallowed step by step with u man...very helpful!!! Thanks

prjngl2: thanks! i have that same problem of the stuff being grayed out when i try to register! Will have to try downloaded it again a few times... and just download for all of them like you said, nice... couldn't find a solution anywhere else ;)

Luke Au: Hey, video really helped on my install, if hondata did not have the calibration/basemap that I needed, where else would be a good place to look?

Make- 2013 Civic lx (not SI) with a K&n cold air intake (model 69-1020TS)

Ramírez: is there any difference with letting a professional install it for u, or is that an option, do I have to do it on my own? Im okay doing mods on my own or with buddies but I feel like if u choose the wrong flash for ur car or u think u chose the right one but it ends up being wrong that ima have to live with a f'd up ecu or watever it transmits it ti. Im a noob when it comes to the inside of the car🤣. Have watched and done alot of research on intakes and other few mods on the inside of the car so I have a clear idea wat I want to do when i get there. Definitely want to get a flashpro but later after I finish my visuals. new rims, mugen tail, eibach lowering springs along with new struts, and the Invidia n1 exhaust.

flowers: bro i need your help . i just install hondata flash pro to my pc .. and i just select the basemap that i have in my car? . i dont have to touch nothing else .like calibrations .. i wanna tune my car .pls help .. i just do the samw thing like you did?

dayne rampersad: HEY trying to install my flashpro to my 2012 civic lx sedan, i have registered the flashpro, both the drive and flashpro icons at bottom of the screen have green checks, when i go up to the online tab and enter my vin# it says vin not detected am i supposed to hook it up to the obd2 with the laptop to be able to lock it/

Ali: Brilliant tutorial!

Carl Colorado: good video. thanks