Philips 50PUT6400 4k Ultra HD TV Review

Philips 50PUT6400 Ultra HD 4K TV finally arrives with a decent set of features and a very attractive price but does it do enough to distinguish itself from the year-end discounted models? Read the full in-depth review


Wolfius: This crap doesn't have built in chromecast, its interface is crap and it is by default too slow. DO NOT BUY THIS PIECE OF CRAP!

Wendy Cadena: How do I add more apps on this tv?

chris james: I bought the 43" I think its ace ive had 3 tv's in the past year and this one is the best buy yet I bought the sony bravia kld something only good thing it had was mirror cast my phone to watch show box ..then got there Hitachi but took it back as I just felt it wasn't a a good t.v. but this one its a cracking t.v. am still trying to work some of it out, but overall its great

MeMo ModiSh: Hi guys I have the same tv,
can any one tell me how to connect my note 4 galaxy to the tv plz

Pausa91: grazie

Daniel O'Sullivan: Anyone Know if this does 4k at 60hz

Ozud Miah: No ambilight!! 😱😱😱😱

Andreas Flåten: Great video review format. Short and informative, nice music and visuals. Impressed.

Drone Danny: Bought this TV 2 days ago. I must say this tv is AMAZING the picture quality has blown me away and the 4K from Netflix is stunning. I would highly recommend this tv over others out there !

TNZL: Looks beautiful, I will buy this, and hook my PS4 and XBOX ONE on this TV :D

PRO GAMER10: does it work well with xbox one conectted

MakeDigitalCoins: i cant't switch from 720p to 1080p on youtube.1080p,2160p doesn;t exist

johndoe5743: Will my Bluetooth headset work with it?

Muhammad Imran: Does it have VP9 to play Youtube 4k or vp9 is not required at all to play youtube 4k?

Anders Christensen: Can these settings be applied directly to 55PUT6400 too?

Highfly18: Is it good for ps4 gaming ?

Mikael Murstam: Thanks for the review. I find deep blacks the most important criteria actually. Is the 40'' model identical in terms of picture quality?

T.: I have this TV but what annoys me it the bad backlight uniformity.. blacks are less of a problem because it just turn down the backlight in the area it needs, but when I'm in menus with a solid background-color the backlight is very cloudy.. you can see that the background is supposed to be a solid color but it just isn't, it's very unevenly lit. That cloudiness is also clearly visible in scenes where the camera is panning over an area with similar colors (like a sky for example). I guess I can live with it considering the low price I got it this TV for but if you really want good problem-free backlighting, this TV ain't got it.

imanishay: I did a software update and it's been fine. thanks

Keith Buttigieg: Hey, how do i turn motion off " soap opera effect" because most of the movies i watch looks so real that is like ur watching behind the scene. Please.