Cat Cams camshaft peugeot 106 quiksilver (1100cc )

Nothing elsed changed .stock ecu stock everything. stock catalyst with straight pipe and group N in the back. It gained 10 ps (74hp total) and a lot of noise. Now the car runs with stock everything and peugeot sport exhaust. specs of the cam: "4901201 Fast Road Profile Citroen Saxo & Peugeot 106, 206 1.1, 1.4, 1.6 1998 on (Silver Rocker Cover) A fast road profile for use with the std inlet manifold and ECU Ground to Order from a new Chill Cast Blank Important. Citroen/Peugeot used 2 different Cam bearing sizes. This has is the smaller bearings: 42.42 - 41.82 - 41.23 - 40.62 - 36.92mm "


Manos 15121: where r u from?

Sylv bl: What is the year of this 106 1.1? It has the vertical cat or the horizontal one?

Chris 98: The price of cam; The ecu need remap;

Dylan Biggelaar: Sounds nice