The unboxing of Pioneers new MVH AV290BT

In this video we unlock and show you the new DVDless Pioneer video head unit. NEW! - Multimedia Receiver with 6.2" WVGA Display, and Built-in Bluetooth® Back-Up Camera Ready iPod®/iPhone® Compatibility Built-in Bluetooth® Steering Wheel Control Compatible


Guy Thompson: Can I use Spotify over the I pod/ I phone

Viktor Vasilev: I have the same multimedia model but i have problem with deactive buttons on (touch panel calibration,restore setting and picture adjustment) do u know how to resolve this problem? Thanks

Ac7ion: 2:14 below your finger you have the option to slect 24hour time or 12 hour time

paulinhonaclp: Hi
Can someone tell me how I see videos and pictures on the radio ??
I can not see ... I have already put it in various formats and nothing! In some formats I hear the sound but it does not give the video!
Help please!

Carlos Alberto Morales: The RDS, function well?
Thanks 🙏🏻

Dave Moxon: Can I use my steering wheel controls and where is the fittings for it?

matic šorn: i bought mvh av 270bt .. old model ... and it has been awosome .. i have it for 2 years now and its perfect .. only things are that the phone book is loading very slowly (i can see in this video that 290 is improved.. way faster ) and lack of newer options like carplay .. now im thinking about buying sph da120 what would you suggest me ..what youd i buy next ..
my needs
backup camera
steeringwheel control
bluetooth stream and phone

MrBazza1975: Hi could you tell me how to connect a sub to this stereo using the rear speaker connections? I have read this he manual and I'm still a bit confused, to I have to use a 2 ohm sub connected to the violet wires only or can I use a 4 ohm sub connected to the green wires only? Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated.

Aimee Cooper: Hi All Is this head unit the MVH AV290BT compatible to the Pioneer RCAM2 - Reversing Camera

Deshon Singletary: does the back up feature interrupts everything and cut on when you put the vehicle in reverse or do you have to access that screen manual?

spacetreacle: Does this model come with a cage, or will it have to be purchased seperatly?

Gregg Batdorff: hello five star car stereo. I have watched multiple of these videos and really enjoyed them. after research, I decided to get the 290 bt. I'm new to any kind of wiring work and I can't figure out what I'm missing. I can't get the thing to power up in my car. I have a 2010 Toyota Corolla. I have put together all the colored wires and plugged in the antenna, the black ground wire, plugs into the harness... what am I missing

Ty J: Hello, i purchased this radio today and it doesn't turn off when i switch of the ignition. From what i can see there is no on and off switch? So what i am doing is just turning the music off and display when i leave my car. I don't want to run my battery down, any ideas if this will drain the battery? if so what can i do to solve this?

Joseph Higginbotham: Few questions....
1. Can you use a factory CD changer (vw)?
2. Is there a front accessible usb/aux port?
3. What kind of navigation/ Android auto integration is offered?

biZkiD2: Can someone please tell me what is the difference between those MVH models? mvh-av270bt - mvh-av280bt - mvh-av290bt?? Other than the key color which is red on the 280 and blue on the 290 I really cant see any difference in the specs of these models!

georgecham100: I really want to upgrade from the pionner fh-p5000mp to the pionner mvh-av290bt they both used the same wireing? (let say if a buy it I only need to disconnect the old one and connect the new)

Andre Champoux: How about showing what the RADIO looks like when the RADIO is playing?

Natty Brah: Does it work well with apps like SoundCloud and Spotify?

Esteban Balbuena: Why my usb connector is not working

onelastride_: Hello, I bought this equipment and everything is working properly..but it's NOT playing videos, I have tried some formats: AVI, MOV, MP4. I format my pen to FAT32 and nothing, should i get another pen or something ?

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