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Brian Wei: Can lung tang provide stringing then ship it

Ishaan Ojha: Need more badminton hacks

FCLaurentis: yea put some salt on it

Aarnav Prakash: Are the things from lung tang real and original?

Triple Ace: Well done bro... just a query ... was it your shoe? Nice video. Keep it coming.

Anonymousname: Makes your shoes look stupid

Expert Studies: Huii

Danielle Pabico: Is it good if you put some allowance in your shoes? Like, if your shoes size is 8, then you'll go for 8.5?

Mango juice Apple juice: Love ur vids keep it up

TronX[V]: Hey can u do a review on apacs finapi 232

우코: I recommend doing cut away shot to your vids like a close up to a shoe for a better quality vid :)

Marcos Costeira: I wish I could play against you man, lav ur vids m8 keep it up 👌💪

The Badman: i have exactly the same problem on this shoes there is not enough protection because yonex would like light shoes...

BuckTea: Gameplay video?

j x: Please do more badminton hacks!!!

hussys: nice vid !

Vijaya Gupta: Can you do badminton racket grip hack . Your videos are very useful .

KirisakiPl 123: This shop doent reach to poland 😪

Joseph Bird: Nice - I always have this problem with my shoes!

Nakamura Shino: Honestly I would not recommend to use any sort of tape to tape over the part of the shoe that has worn off. If you have not taped it properly, it might still rub off while you are on the court and it will mess up the court with the residue from the tape. Just buy the yonex shoes that has a thicker plastic inner side such as the Shb01 to 03 series if you know your footwork causes drags while on the court. Your tip is a good thought but don't ruin the court for everyone else.