719 - DAVID IV FM/HD Audio Processor - ENG

The 719 DAVID IV is Inovonics’ Fourth generation processor in the DAVID series of FM & HD Radio air-chain processors. Featuring five flexible bands of processing, ultra-low latency of only 4.2 milliseconds (from any input to any output), and 25 presets specifically optimized for popular world formats. The DAVID IV provides all the sonic fire power you need to showcase your sound but at a price-point that won’t break the bank. A completely digital DSP-Based audio processor gives you total control over the most important “sonic signature” parameters, while smart controls allow you to enhance program material quickly and effectively. Processing includes 5 bands of dynamic compression and equalization. Intelligent gain-riding – Automatic Gain Control. Bass Effects and Stereo Field Enhancements. And Inovonic’s proprietary PIP Limiter to assure optimum modulation of the FM carrier. Menus can be set-up in English, Spanish, and Portuguese. The DAVID IV comes with a premium stereo generator that also includes internal metering and combining for the RDS subcarrier. On the front of the DAVID IV we’ve got a headphone jack with volume control for easy monitoring, dedicated metering for input levels, AGC, five bands of leveling, wide-band and high-frequency limiting, and left & right plus composite output levels. There’s a large OLED display and jog wheel with intuitive menus for easy set-up, advanced control and editing over all processing parameters. The DAVID IV comes with remote software which gives you total control over all the processing, set-up, and administrative settings. It provides live metering exactly as it is displayed on the front panel in real time. On the back of the 719 we’ve got balanced left & right analog inputs and outputs, AES Digital Inputs & Outputs with auto-sync and at multiple sample rates. There’s an RDS input and Pilot Synch for the internal RDS combiner. Two independent composite outputs for primary and back-up transmitters. And a Network port for remote control, firmware updates, and hardware backups from anywhere in the world. The DAVID IV is compatible with worldwide radio broadcast standards, and can be set to either 115 or 230 volts. An optional HD-Radio Delay Card may be installed in the DAVID IV for a complete single-box FM and HD-Radio Processor. The DAVID IV comes complete with a printed Installation & User Guide to get you up-and-running quickly, and provides In-Depth knowledge of the products. Like all Inovonics’ products, it is backed by a three year factory warranty and Premiere after sales service.


MultiMax Radio: Tested this thing 3 years ago. CLear highs - yes. Loud? No. On DJ voices PiPP style clipper makes LOTS of distortion on highs and mids, even bs412 limiter sounds with less audible atrefacts. PiPP style clipper was not competive even with old 2 band Orban 2200. Maybe smth changed since 2015?

Tom Pittenger: This thing sounds GREAT!

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