► BMW 5 Series Sedan 2011 - 530d

The BMW 5 Series Sedan, BMW 530d Driving Scenes, Farol do Cabo Raso, Serra da Arrábida, Parque das Nações: Driving shots on coast road. tripod. Cabo Raso. Driving shots inboard: Head Up Display: Navigation, Rear-end Collision Warning, Speed Limit Info. Instrument panel: Dynamic Drive Control modi "sport", "sport+". Rear-end Collision Warning. Driving shots country road. Serra Arrábida, tripod. Ponte 25 de Abril, car to car. Driving shots Parque das Nações. Portuguese Pavillion.


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AnimatedMusicVideofa: Theres a super small Display hidden underneath the dashboard. The image you see is transportet to your window through i think it have been 4 special mirrors . So if you break your front window it costs you nothing ;)

TheHonestTheist: two questions: how does it work? And how much does it cost if you break the glass??


brezneve: Just to clarify, the bridge is called "Ponte 25 de Abril" it is in Lisbon, the bridge has 3 lanes each way, only the middle lane is fully made of tarmac. The most middle line (in both ways) are made of a kind of a iron grid (not seen on the movie) and the outer lane has only that strip. This is to allow the wind to pass trough and keep the bridge steady. It might seem slippery, but it is not, even last week I've crossed that bridge and felt nothing. Besides the max speed limit is 60km/h.

Schmidt54: I really love cars like that, but when I sit in my Toyota Corolla in a city traffic jam and see the red traffic lights I think: Cars are not created equal. But people are. And it doesn't matter if you drive a shitty Opel or Ford or a great Porsche or BMW or a fancy French car: when the rules say you stop, you stop. But with a car like that you stop comfortable and classy

Mindzinsuk: @mysuperliam almost ;)

crespok200: You mean terrabytes upon terrabytes of computer space and so many innovations and that's all they can think of. you know they have a bunch of other gadgets in the back burner

mannaru: oh yeah.. Wat a car. BMW, I LOVE U Baby

Miguel Sarne: That wasn't a car. It was a spaceship


allthingsapple2009: yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Jackus: Nice

VIRIATO1995: schön!


Jeremy Wang: BLACK MANS WIENER!!!!!!

Francisco de Souza Júnior: @loadeduk yes, you need! not a digital warning in the front windscreen, but a sound warning can help. I think that the system can slow down the car automatically too.

pomelove2: 愛してる~とても~愛してる~とても~

Henrique Goncalves: PORTUGAL !

Mitsos Da Best: Fuck Diesel... =P

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