Android screen mirroring NO ROOT NO CHROMECAST NO MIRACAST Screen mirroring without root, without any devices like Chromecast or Miracast. Just a TV with screen mirroring option and an Android mobile with Wireless Display option. In android phone go to settings then display. Select cast screen. In this screen, you will see the devices which are available for mirroring. You have to enable "Enable Wireless Displays. It works on the concept of WiFi Direct. You need to setup wifi direct on TV. and connect your mobile on to this wifi. So you will lose any other wifi connection once to connect to screen mirroring. You have to rely on mobile data Why some phones do not support mirroring Subscribe to my channel: YouTube Channel: My Blog: Google Plus:


AREN KARAPETYAN: Why only indians recording vidoeos about root

ziya özcan: All Old Android's workink.New android's 7,8,and up don't working.

Jordan Lynch: Vague tutorial more like click bait and a terrible delivery.

Matt C.: What do you think "wireless display" is? DOH!

D Kandhai: This has been called miracast

Singing with Bhavy Narang: Is this smart tv

Krishna S: Check this post to understand why your phone does not support screen mirroring

v i na fundamera: If its not a smart tv I think its connected to a computer as a monitor

v i na fundamera: Its a smart tv

DeCiBeL: Y does my phone not have that????!!!!!!

sankalp jain: Ur video quality is too bad

Rishit Gohel: How to connect in stock android smartphone without chrome cast?

BiPolarSaiyan: Indian do you know caca

Arun Tirkey: Your tv is smart tv so can do this all .

Jac Juet: Very hard to make out what you are saying.....

Prabodh waykole: Please explain properly. first of all the video is not clear so please correct that first. Does this work on moto g5s plus?

telly tell: This is horrible

Siddharth jain: It connects but the screen mirror quality is not GOOD. SAME TV 📺 . It HANGS SOUND DO NOT GO SIDE BY SIDE. PLS HELP HOW IT CAN B IMPROVED......?? #

Hayato Shimoda: he said on the title how to connect your phone on tv without screenmirror but in the description it says that you need a tv withc screen mirror?

Krishna S: Here is another video which shows alternative ways