THE SCOTTISH ACCENT TAG Erin's Video: Danielle's Video: Today I decided to upload an extra video! I hope you all enjoyed! x Phillipians 4:13 Questions: 1. Where is your accent from? 2. Say these words: Butter, Loch, Seven, Woman, Twirl, Coupon, Tube, Dog, More, Sour, Scotland, Hour, Head, Window, Aluminium, Burglar, Glasgow, Stupid, Purple, Status, Card, Potato, Tonight, Clothes, Photo. 3. Do you pronounce your T's and Ing's? 4. Do you roll your R's? 5. What word do you use to describe something great? 6. What word do you use to describe something pretty? 7. What word do you use to describe something bad? 8. What word do you use to describe someone or something gross/dirty? 9. What do you call someone who never smiles? 10. Favourite slang/scots word? 11. What do you call juice? 12. Jenny or Daddy long legs? 13. What do you call the thing you change the TV channel with? 14. What do you call gym shoes? 15. What do you call your grandparents?


Derrick McAdoo: Any other Americans find this accent hot af ?

Nathan Collier: So cool to hear how others speak and interpret things in their life.

Im OfycialZz: 😍

Troy Pearce: 😍😍😍

Nari Khott: You're a lovely Scottish girl... I really like the video 👍👍

sgt803: Beautiful girl & a beautiful accent.

Prashant Mishra: Hi! This is a good video not just 'coz a beautiful girl is there but also 'coz the variations prevalent in Scottish accents other than Glaswegian and Edinburgh ones.Thanks and Regards.P Prashant Mishra from India

SonicRising: You do roll your R's...not sure why someone would ask that, just listen :/

The Hillbilly Piper: Beautiful accent!
I just now did the Arkansas Accent Tag. My accent sounds like a southern hillbilly redneck.

Thomas Judge: Another beautiful Scottish burd 😀😉👌🏻

6343 Gharaidh Thomson: Morgan are you related to Tina Turner? You kinda look like her.

Chloe Fox: What team do ye support

M_G_: boggin

Iain Watson: Accents differ around Glasgow, I'm in Bellshill and we sound like we're from Glasgow but even in this town there are different twangs lol so anyone that says you ain't from Glasgow... meh, I can tell you're not from Edinburgh anyway lol. have a good one. peace.

Katrina Bruce: You sound like you're from Edinburgh.. too posh an accent to be Glaswegian 😂

Tobias Östh: Do you roll your Rs? No

DescRRRibe, gRRReat.. Yes you do, and it's okey!

M Bu: Sorry if this is personal but how old are you? You look so young and pretty :) Keep up the fun videos!

Mauricio Gonzalez Robles: Do you have an Instagram?

Vetericus N: Is it just me or is Scotland another world from Southern California. I'm like, "huh?" what?
Don't get me wrong, I love listening to the Scottish accent.<3

B: You're too pretty to be Glaswegian ;)