2016 Harley-Davidson Seventy-Two Test Drive

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DurdenTyler21: Those radial engines rumble like hell, and the clutch is extremely tough and will last usually a lifetime. Newcomers will stall out a lot but experienced riders will like it. One rule to the sportsters and usually all harleys is to Not lean on the bike, YOU lean the bike and not yourself. Sportsters are so low gravity the work is done for you. If you want to enjoy the Sportster class ride style, then you NEED a solo spring seat, just be selective with the springs to adjust the hight. Mirrors are flipped if you have straight bars or slammed otherwise you will only see elbow. Sportsters are designed to be stripped down and customized which doesn't appeal to the plug and go riders. I wouldn't buy one if you don't eat to spend more money on customization though Harley Davidson has caught on to the new culture of riders who just want to ride straight of the showroom and have created the S series as well as the Roadster. A solo spring seat and performance pipes give you an entirely new bike which only cost me $1,000 on my 48. I dig your test ride videos and will search for your Triumph Bobber video which is another bike trying to compete with Sportsters by creating a Pre Custom bike!

sqd8r: Hey there, I'm looking at this bike and we are similarly sized (height and weight) and I am wondering (1) how long was the test ride and (2) would an after market seat have swayed you or were there other things not to like? thx.

Piggy_Bank: Shitty Nova Scotian Roads :)

Jason Whitman: when you geting your gsxr 1000

Jason Whitman: first