Project Ozone 2 Kappa Mode - POWER TRANSFER/STORAGE [E38] (Modded Minecraft Sky Block)

Love Kappa mode? Show support! Thumbs Up! ♥ Watch Hypno play through the Project Ozone 2 Skyblock modpack on Kappa Mode! This mod pack is similar to the FTB Infinity Evolved Expert Mode pack except this is played in skyblock and the recipes are way harder! All resources from this pack originated from a source block of lava, a source block of water, some dirt and a sapling! ► PLAYLIST ► LINKS ► MODPACK INFORMATION Project Ozone 2 - Garden of Glass - Kappa Mode /ftb_mode set kappa


Metaphysical Wizard: Nick Cage in the tesseract @27:26

Scorpionoxide: The nick Cage tesseract is awesome.

Mad_wizard 15: Hypno You should get into Extra Cells 2 for better storage space as I can see you need all those recipes for 1k cells, 4k cells, 16k cells, etc...

Haituva: How do i set up a local server for this modpack and will it run even if my pc if turned off?

Mightylordx: Just a tip but when I was in early gen I used the diesel generator from Immersive Engineering which was hooked to 4 ranchers ( Ranchers reduces how long it takes to milk the cow. By default it's 3000 ticks but each rancher bypasses this and only takes 400 ticks to milk each cow.) that was milking Liquid gasoline cows. If you use an auto spawner that is set to random you can get different moo fluid cows. Or if you set it to the same you can get the exact cow, do this to get 4 gasoline cows. I added an iron drum as a buffer but 4 cows is more than enough to supply the generator and get an easy 150k rf/t. Hope this helps those reading this.

Denver William: Mana-Infused Molten Cow, and Cuboid not Cube for the Crafting. Anything rectangle or square.

Annette Voss: Get it mooved

Ben Hamilton: you should look at ender batteries.

PapaDoge: Your fps is dropping. I suggest 4x Titan X's.

andrewgibbo05: brainfart lol search the cows for molten mana infused that's a thing

dubu: Nether star gen

Teo LP: Ich verstehe gar nichts kann mir eine sagen worum es geht ???

Mustafa Alhussain: Guys i need help today when i just open my ftb launcher everything was working but when a join my world the game says shutting down internal server and it but me back in the main minecraft page how can i fix this ?

RoninWaffle: I don't know how scary the Kappa mode recipe is, but EnderIO has a tesseract-type block called a dimensional transceiver that has WAAAY more functionality. You can set separate channels for send and receive on each of the different kinds of conduit (fluid, energy, items, etc... even minecarts, I think). So like for instance, I've got a Big Reactor setup with one dimensional transceiver set to receive yellorium on one channel, send cyanite back on another channel, and send power on a third.

ofir sabo: the mana infusd ore in nether form called maril

Harm Jan Harm Jan: if the server restarts it forgets how strong the mobs are

Rageemy: You should make an Energy Condenser from ProjectE. Then you can have all the Mana Infused Metal you want.

b0_0ster: why dont you just make an auto-spawner fpr the cows and set copy on exact?

Jessy Terpoorten: 12*40 redstone blocks fore 1 tesseract and you can just make a condenser 😜

Clemens Horsman: The mobs can move faster if you kill some withers. Its says in chat "the wither has learned more about you". Mobs will get stronger and faster.

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