Trangia 25 Series Demo

This is a demo of the Ultralight Trangia 25 Series Cook Kit. In this demo the kit brings 32 ozs of water to a rolling boil in 12 minutes without using a lid. The entire Trangia line is available through


bowrudder: At 3:22, that's not what I would call a rolling boil.

johnmonk66: @desertcanoeist yes, I didn't catch a view of the inside in your video so I did some looking around, it does seem like the best design for wind protection I have found

Daryl Tumbleson: This is teflon and seems to hold up well if metal scrubbers and metal utensils are never used. You might want to consider the hard anodized pots since that coating is fused into the aluminum. Another option is our Clikstand setups whch work with a variety of pots.

Daryl Tumbleson: The burner sits in the bottom part not the top.. There are holes all around it in the top of the bottom piece and in the walls of rhe bottom piece . When the side holes are turned into the wind the air floods the bottom chamber and goes through the holes into the top chamber providing plenty of oxygen for the burner but no wind to blow it out. I have tried every kind of wet fuel and propane stoves and none handle the wind as well as these.

johnmonk66: If the stove goes in the top part, why are the air holes in the bottom part? Does the stove actually sit on the ground?

wkgm11: hey can someone tell me if the "non-stick" is actually the baked on good stuff or the crappy Teflon stuff that scrubs off

av chimay: Never store the burner in the tea pot without wrapping it in a small plastic bag or similiar. If humidity is present and the brass burner comes in contact with the aluminum i the tea pot severe corrosion can be the result. This is due to the strong galvanic effect between the two metals. (I also always store some matches in the tea pot.) -Papsen-

safeway56: The water would boil quicker if you put a lid on the pan.

leetshots: thanks for taking the effort to make this video. have just ordered one of the swedish army surplus trangia's. gonna trial it ona camping trip at the end of the month

Daryl Tumbleson: Yes it does plus its where I stroe the burner, simmer ring, potgripper etc.

RJBURG: What is the kettle used for. It boil water faster