Eclipse AVN557HD


Ricardo Fara: Sabe como posso transferir as musicas pra outro Navi? Ja coloquei um SD card mas nao apresentou nenhuma opção. Alguem pode ajudar?

Mmoh Bied: If there was a way to change language on it would be helpful

zura tushishvili: Is it possible to change language to english, please ?!

Gearld King: Can you plug and aux cord into it??

Kasun jayasinghe: Hi Could you please let me know how I can switch off the unit?

Nidhin Raj: how to connect usb and aux?

Ehsan Rahnama: Can you help me with the DVD please?! my mail is

• Ted•: no USB? :(

moonunit7: This is what I'm doing until I can afford to replace the nav/radio unit.

I assume you have a smartphone... if you do:
- Download the Google Translate app.
- Choose the languages to translate: Japanese <-> English
- Tap the camera icon and point it to any Japanese text.

BOOOM! Tech hey?

You can then read it "live" as you point or you can take a picture and highlight the bits of Japanese you want to translate.

I managed to switch of the annoying woman telling me the directions back to Japan. There was sadly no global "Change Language" setting but it was better than woman constantly trying to tell you to turn (in Japanese). After the 3rd turn I felt like Judo chopping the head unit!!!!

Efrain Aldaz: How can I hard reset my eclipse indash its stuck on enter disc map and won't let me bypass to the original main menu please help

Allan Lewin: It looks like you really have no idea about what you're doing. This doesn't show Japanese to English conversion. You really don't have aclue do you?

Sajid Hussian: hello sir ..please reply i want to know some about this setup
how we can install that in my car

Mohd Hamood: hi brother is have AVN-v02 I want change language any one can help me

Kelvin Mwangi: +FuzitaKen I need to change the language of my AVN778HD to English. Can you do a video on that, please?

Tosseef Kaira: Hi, I've got this in my car too. But it says "A program cant be read". What do I have to do?

DIY Ranch: thanks.

DIY Ranch: hay any one konw where is the aux input in this stereo..please let me know..

Christian Reeves: I have an AVN 1000 and i want to change the language from Jap to Eng. is this possible. if so can you help me?

メロディIC研究所: 三重県いなべ市だ

Senagi Kennedy: Is there anyone here who managed to change language from Japanese to English? I request assistance on the same

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