Bio VS HF: Makuta VS Witch Doctor SEASON FINALE (FOTM Prequel #2)

They day Hath come! Sorry it took so long, I just wanted to make sure I gave the fan favorite a proper ending.


Ken Kelley: Umm ok?

Bionic Kasai: Do Bruce Wayne's Martha Vs Clark Kent's Martha

Bionic Kasai: Do Batman Vs Scatman

Bionic Kasai: Do Darth Vader vs Sauron

Bionic Kasai: Do ThatchMac VS ManiaMac

shadow the hedgehog plush adventures: Gali vs evo

shadow the hedgehog plush adventures: Gresh vs breez

C.T.S Thirteen4one: FATALITY!

Jamie Scheuermann: 0:01 beautiful

Dj Don Chandon: The final makuta is not original! !!

Madeline Torres 1000: This is like transformers with the sound of metal

Butter free: witch doctor won fairly

European Mascot: Witch Doctor wins bec Makuta used exploits and for that he’ll be banned.

Danilo Vasojevic: Lie

Bionic Shadow: Round 2 flawless victory

Da Shroyer: I was going to like this video but the likes are at 666 rn and I think that is appropriate seeing the contestants of this video

Toxic Doom: Witch doctor vs ekimu

Tirreger: No one can handle the power of never released sets.

Goldenrod Prime: Ultimate power>Beasts>Control

pacifc 236: I think makuta won