Hertz Mlk 1650.3 Vs Hertz SV200L (INT)

Hertz Mlk1650.3 Vs Hertz SV200L (INT) Song Name: "FRED & SOUND Official MIX" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9NOzIeDYdwI


Heavy Metal: Ok Fred. You said put breaks on
MLK 1650.3 @50hz
SV 200L @80hz

How about for SV 200.1 where do i put breaks on them at? 80hz to?

Heavy Metal: Okay here it is, what im going to crossover at. Any input. What do you think of points i choosen.

ML 1650.3

2 of these at:

24db Slope 4000hz( 3500hz ) High Pass, (600 watt RMS / Poly 400v Caps)

2 of these at:

12db Slope 7,500hz Low Pass, (600 watt RMS / 400 v Poly Caps)

SV 200L

2 of these at:

24db Slope 4000hz( 3500hz ) High Pass, (600 watt RMS / Poly 400v Caps)

2 of these at:

12db Slope 5500hz Low Pass, (600 watt RMS / 400 v Poly Caps)

Also High and Low Pass will have a Zobel Circuit in High Pass and Low Pass.

Heavy Metal: Okay have Hertz SV 200L and Hertz ST35. ALSO Hertz Millie MLK 1650.3 ONLY USING WOOFER AND TWEETER not using crossoverz going to build some and want to get input on what you think of these cutoff and slopes. Thinking later on replacing the HERTZ ST35 and ML 280.3 TWEETER with dbaudio VO-B4's so im basing alot of these cutoof on ST35 AND VO-B4 bullet horns.

Crossovers will be

24db Slope High Pass 4000hz - ( ST35 / VO-B4's ) but wil use for ML 280.3 as well for now.
12db Slope Low Pass 7000hz or 6500hz ( ML 1650.3 Woofer ).

12db Slope Low Pass 8000hz or 5500hz( SV 200L )

( Also thought all tweeters still crossed at 4khz with 24db Slope AND the WOOFERS THE ML 1650.3 AND SV 200L , both crossed at 6Khz with a 12db Slope. )

Also using a rockford forsegate DSR1 going to use bandpass and set it to 40hz to 18Khz for ML 1650.3/ ML 280.3( will be replaced by VO-B4 bullet horns in future NOT sure set slope to 6db 12db or 24db on this.

45hz to 18Khz for SV 200L / ST35( prob be replaced by VO-B4's in future, not sure set bandpass slope to 6db 12db pr 24db.

Running on both speakers 180 watts RMS. ML 1650.3 takes it no problem, so know the SV 200L's will to.

What do you think. Any input will be appreciated.

Heavy Metal: Another question on crossovers what are the switches set to for the SV 200L and the MLK 1650.3 Inside the crossovers.

Heavy Metal: Whats a good low pass cut off frequency for the SV 200L. The ML 1650 IS 3.5Khz. Whats the SV 200L especially when the Hertz ST35 compression driver is used with it and is high passed cut off at 4.5Khz.

Heavy Metal: Also how much power are you feeding the SV200L's RMS WISE?

Heavy Metal: Okay Hertz SV 2OOL AND Hertz ST35. What are you using for a crossover? Ans crossover settings at what are you crossing over at... SV200.1 TGEY RECOMMEND 150hz @12db.. And for the Hertz ST35 they recommend 4.5Khz @12db. But what does one set the SV 200L at? Any recommendations to ustilize 45hz to @16khz since really nothing above @16Khz except tremble/air.

Heavy Metal: My Ride aka Harley Motorcycle will have 3 pairs of Hertz Millie MLK 1650.3 Legend without the crossovers, just woofer and tweeters. The 4th pair of speakers will be, Hertz SV 200L with Hertz ST35 Compression Driver bullet horn tweeter. And two Biketronics BT4180 180 watts rms per channel amps. OR will have two Biketronics BT4250 250 watt rms amps. Not sure have just One 180 watt rms amp now.

Beytullah Koki: Woow SV200L is it nice wat ?

Terrance Green: Which midbass did u prefer??

Simone Conigliaro: which is better to play both with closed and open doors? I'm looking for a good compromise between power and quality, but with the 16.5 version, thanks

Markus Münch: how is the SPL output on the SV 200.l? I think of intalling two of these per door plus a Hertz tweeter ST 35

Evgen Lazykin: what music is that ?

Doc.Cali: :0 wow yeah I subbed this channel that's for sure.

Ariel Silas: cool

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