Cowells 90ME Lathe

This is a demonstration of a Cowells 90ME Lathe. Certainly a superb small metalworking machine of the highest quality. For details please visit .


6NBERLS: Very cool.

Novice1943nl: Same machine I have. You miss the underside casting and I believe you have the drive belt upside down.
wonderfull machine I still am in love with it.
Spindle nose thread is M14x1.5. Nowadays it seems to be M14x1.

huxleypig69: I am so jealous right now! Wonderful lathe and more extras than you'll ever need! Amazing.

Farinelli Broschi: Why is that they don't make stuff like that any more ? . I bought a Taig lathe and compared to that lathe ,mine is a piece of garbage .Oh i forgot ,it not made in America .that is why i so good!

ElationProductions: What a beautiful little machine!

Stephen Baguley: I am aquiring one of these. cowell 90 lathe.
Can you make bolts that are approx 5/16ths of an inch in diameter, and about an inch long,for vice jaws, with this lathe, as well as clock arbors and pivots.

Quincy Chin-Chan-Sen: Thank you for uploading this video! I think there is not much video footage of this lathe on youtube. Was the rear tool post properly bolted down? It seems to wobble the moment before parting off. Enjoy your machine;)!

Rick Rose: Very nice little lathe. I've never seen anything like that come up on the local market. Do you find all of your machines locally or are you a victim of the dreaded Ebay? Thanks for sharing.

Daryn Radcliffe: I've also an early cowells, for clockmaking /restoring the 14 x1.5mm early spindle version is much more suitable as the three jaw chuck is much better suited than the newer type, as you say, if you have the tooling there's no issues :-)
kind regards
Daryn, southwest UK

Juan Rivero: Another fun video. Cowells is still in business. They build clock/watch maker's lathes. They are incredibly precise and incredibly expensive nowadays. They even have a website: If anything would tempt me to replace my little Taig, it would be Cowells 90ME. The flycutters were probably designed to cut gears for an oddball clock, since custom cutters are even more expensive than the Cowells. If you are cutting off, you are probably better off with the rear toolpost and running the lathe in reverse. Assuming you have a reverse. Since I work in metric, the metric feeds would just be icing on the cake!

Larry Blowers: this is about the 4th video i have watched and i'm hooked,, i'm a self taught chip maker <i dont have the tools and machines to be a machinist>,, but like the work you show and machines you bring to the surface,, keep up the good work and another subscriber for you're channel keep up the great work,,

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