Red Bull's Sebastian Vettel Spins in Bahrain Testing 3 Day 4



Tesz- Vesz: great sound, i like it.

Russia 2018: all world hate vettel?

F1 Senna: WilliamsF1 champion !

tijman1: vettel suffer,  me like ,  lol

Ryan Coyle: How can they load the car onto that flatbed like it parked illegally.

asdf1f8: apology for poor english
when were you when red bull dies?
i was sat at home eating smegma butter when adrian newey ring
'vettel is kill'

RoboTekno: Nice save in my opinion.

Johnno: Vettel crashes #f1   #vettel  

Ivan Baranov: I m pretty sure interest in formula one will remain constant within long term trend.
What I can ensure you in is people like me- long lasting fans only appreciate better coverage of every single aspect of F1. Winter testing and all technical processes not relevant to many are extremely useful in a way we, technical fans seek for better understanding of this great and extremely addictive sport. I have no problem (sans few boring circuits on calendar) whatsoever with any regulations in F1, and even the ones with not so favorable like DRS are taken with skepticism- time will tell the real "driving factors" needed for F1 to change and adapt. 

Jay McKenzie: Beautiful.

GTAGIS: The media cover of formula one is inversely to its interest.
When F1 was F1 and use to have big crashes, the cover was very poor, even in race or qualifying . Today, you have a big media cover including during private testing but it's no more formula one but formula faggot !

Misterios Del Norte: the sound of the engine at the end of the video does not look normal

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