Arduino MIDI Rotary Encoders in Traktor

Just geeking out with Traktor's MIDI mappings and Arduino Rotary Encoder LED Ring from Mayhew labs. More info:


Andrey Malyniak: @Tomash Ghzegovsky Looks pretty cool)

I want to do something similar to control Ableton plugin params. Can I ask you how do you pass the MIDI signal back from DAW to Arduino to show up the current value of param?

Octavio P.: Id like to ask which encoders did you use and what is the resolution they had.
I want to build a 24 encoder midi controller but dont know which rotary encoders will give me smooth touch with enough resolution. Can you help me out?

Acrabeth: ooo sick! man i am looking for 8 of these with an ableton mapping, is someone doing that?

George Skyler Irvine: Please tutorial!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love your site btw. Keep up the awesome work!

Tomash Ghzegovsky: For this project i used only the mayhew labs encoder rings with some clickable rotary encoders, all from sparkfun. but i used one ardunio mini pro daisychained to an uno because of limited interrupt ports. you can use only 2 rotary encoders one uno

Tomash Ghzegovsky: quite easy, straight forward if you know basic programming. you can find more info on my website, i added it in the description. also you can get started in no time by following some basic tutorials at the arduino website for buttons, leds and analog in, that's all you need toknow for a basic midi project. and then look for the arduino midi library, and how to do serial to midi.

Tomash Ghzegovsky: absolutely man ;) love em

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