Periphery - Prayer Position bass cover with tab

Djent with a P-bass? I think it worked out very well! The mix is done with the producer edition of Select Difficulty, so the only bass you are hearing is my own. The tone is from one of my own Kemper profiles, and the 1x15 cab from EZMix. I used a normal heavy gauge set for the top 3 strings, and a .120 for the lowest string. I've been working on this song for about a month now. It's quite a challenge. If you want to use my transcription you can find it here:


IsacDanielsson: For those of you that don't have Guitar Pro 6, here's a link to a .gp5 and a .pdf:

I dont care: Nothing can beat the dingwall's tone, this growl is not enough compared to dingwall in my opinion

DimarataGeorgiev: what strings and what tuning

Gianluca Somma: what an amasing sound! is it possibole to have this profile for kemper so that i can try it? thanks

DOTNINETEEN .19: Is your bass drop tuned to bead?

DOTNINETEEN .19: Fenders arent heavy they said
Well look who's laughing now

Bobs Burgers: What’s your tuning ???

Duality: Very nice dude, your preset is awesome
here is mine (finger played :) )

Jon Muir: what bass is that? year and model?

Luca skywalker: I have a p-bass. How do you get that fat tone? I use Drop C and sounds good, but not as good as yours
Nice cover, bro.

tio rahman: this sounds cannot be from bass goes straight to your audio interface , signal chain break down please master!!!

Smecheru Briliantu: Did you need to adjust the truss rod or something?

Silas Neves: Well done, Sir.
Excellent cover indeed.
But this is the first time a see a Djent on a Fender hehehe. Even that the Fender is not a modern progressive bass, the sound was ok.

Matteo Salvestrini: Great pick tone, man!
Could you please share with me a Guitar Pro Tab, if you have that?!? Thanks a lot!!!

Duality: Your preset is just fine dude
what do you think of mine ? (finger played)
cheers !

bowdown81: Did you learn the runs by ear? Or is there a decent tab out there?

Matt Cam: wow. Tone!

bowdown81: Dude you rocked that p-bass! Love it!

Samuel Suárez: This is sweet af man, you know how to work that Fender out, that's great.
What mics do you have on that P Bass bro?

atikanbenz': Great Sound Ever !!!!