How to Hide Recession in Your Hair Line

For some of us recession areas in our hairline are all to real! Mine has been like this for as long as I can remember, and although I'm not embarrassed of it, I don't like for it to be the first thing someone sees when they look at my hair. I hope these Tips and Tricks are helpful for you!! Products Mentioned: -En Root Hair Mascara in Brunette*: -Eyeshadow used: Original Meet Matte Nude by The Balm (discontinued) - Any color that matches your hair will work! --Scalp/Hair filling powder: -Toppik Hair Building Fibers (medium Brown): I have to say the Toppik powders are literal magic! I've used them on my hair line and on my husband's hair which like most men's hair is beginning to thin in certain areas. They're expensive, but you can buy the tiny ones for just $7 to see if you like them. Everyone I've talked to that has used them loves them :). Follow and Chat with me at: **Instagram: KayleyMelissa **Pinterest: **Facebook: **Twitter: **Second Channel: **For business inquiries: FTC: This video is not sponsored. Products sent for review consideration are marked with an "*".


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