shogonodo – aoba. (lyrics) [CC]

ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ Shogonodo : ♡ Artwork by : Yokotanji ♡ Lyrics : Captions


bohdan cherniuk: I hate anime, but I like this song...

Me eara: Esta canción la pondré cuando vaya α Corea ♡

m i n t a .: this channel is the exact type of my taste in music

Victor NG: Spotify?

Moon Slayer: tho i don't understand anything there saying i still love the song

Sempiternal Jø: Such a pretty sound 😄🌻

Ch3rry Cola: Omg

putri sa: I really love this, the melody.......

Ou Arima: Orijinal Song
Ichiko Aoba - ikinokori bokura

Christian Díaz: Animevibe had a version were the voice wasn't that bassed. Wonder were did it go.

Gibran Gallegos: I downloaded this song but i forgot that i gad it until it played on random while i was just chilling. loved the song ever since.

Rhys Cabonita: Finally, lyrics, after a year of searching


Armand Colin: I love this !😍😚

RandomJoker13: this song needs to be longer! it's so chill!

bleach breath: beautiful

dagobert boy: ouaiiiiiiiiis

uwu culture: You channel literally makes me feel so at peace and i love the aesthetic of calm but modern. Lol idk what calm and modern is but ily 💞🌹

Knell: I love this!!! <33

LR XX: This will always be my favorite song🌸

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