Modified Kusuntest ZT102 / AN8002

Someone had asked about using a MOV to add some protection to these low cost meters. In this video, I take a look at modifying the ZT102. The latest spreadsheet show the data I have collected may be found here: The FAQ may be found here:


yambo59: Love using the defunct parts to provide an access to the already present range pad.

TheGordy1950: Have any idea where to buy fuses for the AN 8002?

SkyWizardless: Just FYI the BS1362 fuse you used in this is the standard fuse used in UK 240v appliance plugs (the huge three pronged beasts). These are sold in almost any supermarket in the UK, and come in 1A, 3A, 5A, 10A and 13A ratings. Or somewhat higher ratings after they have been wrapped in baking foil...

Piotr Bojda: Absolutely incredible job Joe. Is there a way to test one of the Voltcrafts' meter: VC890?

ElmerFuddGun: 0:17 - that case is amazingly transparent! Watch it with 0.25x speed! Awesome!

David DeVillers: "Its blown all to hell!" - awesome video, Joe. Thanks for your efforts.

NoYoo: Hi Joe, Thanks for the video, very informative, and your mods quite creative ... enjoyed that heaps .. will keep a look out for the AN8002-JS in the future .. suspect your mods will be immortalized in the next version of the product... thanks for posting ...Peter

Rob C: You should go to China and teach them how to make a safer meter.

Dave Johnson: Fascinating Joe. Thanks for working through the process for the academics of it. BTW- one thing that other content creators do is include affiliate links in the description to items used in the video so you can get a bit of kickback without selling your soul to the advertising devil :)

I'm curious about this Corona Dope coating and the differences between it and other conformal coatings. A video explaining the pros/cons of the various coatings and demonstrating the breakdown fulcrum points of them (acrylic, silicon, this "dope", etc) would be really interesting !

Thanks again,


Coolkeys2009: I'm waiting for the video where you replace the main IC and bring it back from the dead :-)

William: Nice video!!!!
green solder mask. it looks way better

agaelema: Your mods are amazing, it's very interesting to watch your videos.

PirateKitty: People need to realize this is a $20 meter. It has fantastic specs for the price. I don't think you can find a better deal anywhere considering the price vs spec. If you are screwing around with high voltages using this meter, nature has her own way of getting rid of the stupid.

Darren Walker: Good video Joe. Interesting mods. That was a lot of work , to bad it didn't survive because of a failed PTC.

lânchánđời nguyễn: there's no way is safe when modify a electronic product by high voltage.

Paul Craddock: Once again Joe a excellent video. All multimeters manufacturers should seek your advice I would trust any multimeter after you have put it though it your testing. Me personally if I seen a meter that said tested by Joe Smith I would buy it. well done Joe.

AS: You can calibrate it by editing eeprom. just google "DTM0660 eeprom"
if you want i can post some links on russian forums and videos about that

Andrei H: Hello, i have a UT70A where i've blown the protection on the mA range. There was a rectifier bridge with a zener across it. I have replaced the diodes in the bridge with larger ones but there was also a zener across the bridge and i can't find any info on that device code. Any hints on what kind of zener or TVS diode should I use? Thank you.

Plaga: You are an electronics necromancer too bad the little DMM didn't survived 6kv I would have let it live when it passed the 3kv test.

Ron DLH: Good job, amazing! You must make sure the manufacturer gets this video.