How to enable PS4 Pro 2160p RGB HDR support on Sony UHD TVs?

How to get 4K UHD HDR picture on PS4 Pro on Sony's UHD TVs, I explain in this tutorial. For this example, I used PS4 Pro and Sony KD-55XD9305 UHD HDR TV, but this is also applicable to other Sony UHD TVs as well. Please note that on PS4 (original) and PS4 Slim you will get 1080p max output resolution and only on PS4 Pro UHD output resolutions. Using this tutorial you will fix 2160p RGB unsupported resolution and enable HDR for 2K and 2K games and video apps. All hardware and software was running at latest version. IGN website: Sony 55XD9305 settings after calibration: Sony 55XD9305 unboxing and setup: Visit my calibration settings store here: Follow me on Twitter:


Manan Sanghvi: Perfect 😍

Mike Killion: This worked for me originally on my 900F but I just got the 9000F sound bar and it's not working again. I have the sound bar connected from it's ARC port to the TV ARC port and the PS4P in the other sound bar port. Any ideas?

Chandra Wijaya: mine one after switch to enhanced version, the screen goes black... how to solve it?

NewYorkBlack: Thank you.. I thought my Sony Z9D was defective.

Caaalloffduttty: Thx man 👍🏼

inclanjr89: thank you so much!!!!!

Ryan Adkins: Thank you!!! I tried everything I couldn’t find this setting! You just fixed my PS4 experience. I wish I could like your video twice!!!

Collin Chute: You are amazing! Thank you so much

setoae86: Thanks mate for the info....I was having trouble getting 4k hdr with gran turismo sport, i have the same tv but kept switching back 1080p when hdr was enabled. This has sorted it out

Drummers Eve: Dude, thanks so much. I would have never figured that out.

Captain Arabia: WARNING -- i'm using sony 55-x900 , IF YOU WANT RGP DO NOT USE HDMI1 , USE HDMI 2,3 OR 4

Kingブランドン: Like LG & Samsung, they put it in a place; Where new comers are like, "Hey, uh... So... This TV's suppose to support 4K HDR at 60hz!?!" Anyway, I've gone through this procedure several times, but thanks for letting me know where it was in the Android OS~

TheSf49erfan: I have a Sony 900E tv with a Onkyo TX-SR373 receiver that's supposed to be 4K pass-through and I still can't get it to work. My HDMI is plugged into one of my 2 HDR inputs on my tv so I have no idea why it's not working. I would really appreciate anyone's help, please. Thanks.

Ciora Lavinel: God bless you

Jesus Ceja: Thank you so much man I couldn’t do it last night on the pro

ThresholdAU: Sony TV users don't user HDMI 1
The other inputs work.

Most Sony TVs that support HDR , often can NOT use HDMI1 even though the External Inputs indicated it may except those 4:4:4 signals after you change it.

Charlies_Angels: You re freaking awesome!!! I was over here going crazy. Certainly made my day!!! #yourock 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾

Jason Luskie: Awesome! This worked perfectly on my X900F. Thanks for the great video.

Rey Sedantes: U r awesome!! Thanks Brah!!

Fernando Dabdoub: Thaaaaaanks! This worked on my new XF90. I didn't get the option to choose in which HDMI input I wanted to enable the enhanced format, instead I had to put my HDMI cable in slot 2 or 3, but it finally worked. Thanks again.

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