1977 Ford Granada

1977 Ford Granada Stock#582-DET


Mark Aul: I had one of these when i was in the Navy back in 1986 I bought it from my Ole Man for $50 bucks it was a damn nice car 302 V -8 Auto tranny and air conditioning it had a AM radio I used a Radio shack conversion thing for FM It served me right up to the early 90s I had over 150k miles on it when I bought it it had 45,000 mi on it cool car for 50 Bucks I wish I could find one in good shape now I would love to have it

Markus RiverRhine: Wasn´t that as a matter of fact a Mercedes in disguise?

Gerrod Beasley: I miss my car like that mines was blue with white top 4 door

Jorge Garcia: tengo los tapa bocinas del ford granada del 1977 originales los vendo en 60 están como nuevos 787 479 3918 puerto rico

spackmaster Chavez: the AC is no bueno

7c8f: I owned a 76, 6 cyl (mistake) but otherwise I loved it, smooth, nice looking, easy to drive, but I had it dyno tuned ,55rwhp at the rear wheels, Smog devices killed these engines! kept it emaculate, sold it to my friend because he begged me, then he totaled it!

UncleZhou49: Ford Granada? Ain't that a Mercedes??

John L: This is a Ghia model; has the special trim on the back, sides, wheels, seats, etc.  Needs some classy limo-tint though.  People would be craning their necks on the highway to see who's driving, and they wouldn't be able to tell ;)

orangie84: I just don't get it... I had a 77 ford granada but my engine sounded different (it cranked much deeper it kind of had that old fassioned "berrr a wooo wooo wooo wooo wooo woooo" sound to it... and some of the design was different... I had a solid front bench seat no designs in it... And no door cover on the gas cap.... in fact it was a big hunk of a gas cap... manual windows and door locks.... but the engine was the weirdest.... It sounded exactly like an 8 cylinder... it even fooled the mechanic I took it to.... until you opened the hood you would think it was an 8.... but she was a straight 6.... you car here sounds a lot like it.... but most the 77's on line that I have seen sound like the bread truck 6 cylinder.... verrrrooommmm...
My Granada sounded more like well i do not know how to put it in to words.... woo woo woo woo woo woo wooooooommm I guess lol!!! : )


James E. Morris: I absolutely love these oddball cars . Granada,Maverick,Pinto these were the cars that the blue collar folks were driving when I was a kid. I'd like to have one now.Maybe a Fairmont with a 351w-c4.

kiryu: I have a 2 door 1976 version

jason3fc: I'll take the front spindles and disc brakes! I kid... :)