Black Desert Online: Wizard/Witch Guide (PvX Build for Level 1-50 )

Wizard/Witch guide for beginners explaining which skills to prioritize at the start for leveling PvE/PvP and for group support. Skill calculator:


Dave Bonski: Thanks for making this video my friend. It helped me out a lot!

FrequentlyPlays: How do you get that outfit?

alex lunatiko: what build do you recomend me just for pve (I want to focus on pve only)? im new and i cant find fresf information about wizard builds

chaosdream1: what level does wizard get that thunderstorm attack?

Gabmax101: Does upgrading lighting increase the damage of the 100% black spirit?

Tri-Shake-Atops: my god...those transitions

Butter cup: Cute accent haha

Kristian Carter: Thank you!

Alija Mesetovic: love the guide

DaegOn: Nice music choice i like darksiders also great guide.

Veronica Mori: Thank you for making this guide! Well done. I play on NA and found it very helpful for leveling for my first character.

Lunar X: Thank you so much. Have subscribed. Very good guide and thank you for putting the effort in to make it :)

F2ID78gh: Nice build. Working on it now but abit confused as to what gear to get?

Hocsa Vel: bares or yuria jewelry for pvp?

ThomasBrawn: Would you perhaps post a successful Nuke DPS build for witch.wizard after leveling 1-50 for a mainly pvp focus with some support aspects for pve?

Nicholas P-H: quick question : what about the passive skill that does +X% caster's speed. is it useful?

SpellForce: Why have you not skilled the "mind training"? Is it not worth it?

MegaMarkus: where does one get wizard gear and weapons? besides drops and auctions?

Asuhdude: Thanks for the guide!
Just out of curiosity, what is the song used in this video?

RuthlessRoses: Thank you so much!! i'll find my main class and an absolut perfekt guide, thumps up!