Make List Items Swipeable In Ionic Framework

Use the can-swipe attribute with ion-option-button to make Ionic Framework list items have swipe-able UI features. This video will demonstrate how to add swipe-able list items to an ion-list in Ionic Framework. View a written version of this tutorial on my web blog: Follow my blog or subscribe to my YouTube channel for other great programming tutorials.


Nenad Jakovljevic: Thanks! You saved me today!! Keep hacking!

Johan Hernández: Is this still useful for ionic2?

Dasari Prashanth: Excellent !! so precisely explained

Eyal Elarar: works! how do I see the code you write with the ng-click, in video it's not too clear
by the way, the framework works under Windows as well.

Ryan Pham: Nic, Great tutorial! One question, how do you actually delete it?

Zach Donohue: Once you have clicked an button with an ng-click like "Delete" how do you get close the slide so the next item in the list isnt already open?

Luis Troya: Nice tutorial, but the fonts is too small to apreciate well. 

Toke Refstrup: nice. I'm guessing the reason for the unexpected order of the buttons is because all your ion-option-button tags are missing their '>'

Pablo Mella Orellana: excelent ! thanks for share