Immersive Jewelry - Skyrim Mods Watch:

3600 little works of art. But it's more than jewelry... It's Immersive jewelry. New crafting system, new values. Jewelry will fit into the world. Dwemer ring into dwermer ruins. Ancient Nordic bracelets among the draugs. A real Jewelry overhaul Immersive Jewelry by Forteverum Facebook: Twitter: In the soundtrack: Lay down by Tobias Dray Carefree and Pop Goes the Weasel by Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 Other mods featured in this video:


Bloody Persistent: Love this. The jewelry is so high quality.

Yellow 13: So many fetish mods lmao

Cam Cooolback: Is it on Xbox ???!?

Mambrax444: Do you had a stroke to speak like that or what ?

Raven Jagiełło: Dat accent <3

Forzeren guork: Where u from ?

Lorenzo Cianci: Ma la mod in italiano non esiste? Q_Q Gran bella mod comuqe.

Xenoforge78: This is one of those mods I didn't know I needed until I came across it. Vanilla jewellery is so boring... thanks for the video.

Charccy: Beautiful Italodesign mod .. with "verri nayce audendigg commentatore" :)) Like it!

Christy Lynn: Thank you for the video!
Helped the time pass while installing this HUGE (2 Gig) mod.
I love your accent! You should make a custom voiced follower! ^_^

RebirthEterna L: Thank you for this great review. Do you remember what armor that is you have at 2:45 in your video? either way, thanks.

jodharry: Come si chiama il mod che ti ha permesso di cambiare la capigliatura del char li' per li' (quando hai fatto vedere gli orecchini)? Cmq, bel lavoro con il mod - ce l'ho installato. :)

oniuserjh: so many hoops jump thru if u are running other mods that conflict

Crimson Hope: Uuuuuuugh why do I watch your videos when I'm trying to not to add mods? Just makes me want to add more.

Vika Grindle: Probably one of my favorite mods on Nexus.

ich bins: i want it! But i dont know how to avoid problems with the perma patcher... the description in nexus mods is not really helpfull! How can i exclude immersive jewelry from the proc patcher?

Colleen Gallagher: I've enjoyed immersive Jewelry since the beta and just downloaded the new live version. Can't wait!  This is the best mod ever. I appreciate how much effort has gone into this. Currently wearing a Diamond Nethichutti!

DarkRaven677: At 2:39 your character looks down and to the left while walking around over the market. How to do this? Which mod is it? :)

Dean Fosser: Can you please tell me the name of the mod he uses to get this native american like hairstyle with teh feathers in the hair. Thnaks ina dvandce and have a nice day

Riley Harrison: Shinji, that's a very good looking character. Could you upload her preset? Please?