Twin babies - Laughing Talking Crying Sleeping

Twin Babies trying to Communication with each other using Gesture. Twin babies understand the meaning of what you are saying. Twin babies also absorb your emotional tone and respond by twin babies laughing. Boy baby one of the twin babies talking with girl baby his sister baby. Finally boy baby and girl baby Twin babies sleep well. Make time to give your baby lots of loving attention, Thank you for watching and spreading Twin Babies Laughing talking Sleeping video .


Maria Ines Garcia: Horror a sick mother

Sylvia Mastandrea: They look like they are in straight jackets.

muriel tainter: Damn.....untie those babies. torture.

opustrek1: couldn't rind a strait jacket to fit them?

Aliya Jutt: Who is this baby plz tell me

Cathy Knight: Swaddled way to tight

GABY TORNAY CRESPO: 😣 I don't like this

Mary s Brandy: The one on the right wants out!
You see one will love being swaddled
The other wants to stretch.
Balance is best.

Kim O Connor: That's disgusting them poor baby's obviously no idea how to swaddle

Farman Khan: Armaan pastor 400 CID 1 2 3 4 5

Elenagoicoechea Goicoechea: Las madres indias no saben dar de mamaria a sus bebes? Estúpidas! !! Su lechera sería lo mejor para sus hijos te delgados y con cara de hambre. Ignorantes!!!

BlaQ JaQ: Ok I love babies and all but the title and the video are two different things

Mafiapau: co to je za sračku? nařezal bych je do kebabu

guianne marie gonzales: Cute burritos

JaydaBesson: Poor babies Jesus Christ.

Sana Farooq: they luk like small dead bodies

felicity mcdougle: Ridiculously tight, that's not swaddling that's suffocation, get it away from it's neck!

Scottish Scapers: Someone should take these kids away! Horrendous.

Sho Sho: Stupid ppl
Youtube should ban ppl who post videos like ths..

Esther Esparza: Parecen tamales amarrados.....tenían que ser Asiáticos

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