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4Pac: 98/99 Fiorentina Kit is godly

Paul L.: Why does Football history start in the 20th century for you? Most of these either look bad, or too similar to the current kits to be implemented into the game.

Bivek Tamang: How do u unlock barcelona classic kit in fifa 17
Its not in the catalouge

Dragomir Constantin: They Need Real Madrid 2002 Kit HALA MADRID Y NADA MAS

Dusty Dust: In my opinion this is a very disappointing part of the game, it could be used so much better !

Tom George: You know sooooo little about football.

ORGamingStudio: Atletico Madrid is still tearing shit up

Oliver Frankel: liverpools jerseys are made by new balance

Cringe Vlogs: There will be no man Utd retro or arsnel and juventus because Nike and none of them are still Nike and Aig sega or what ever juventus are

Logan Davis: It's pronounced NikEE like Eevee

Liam Pinno: try watching this video on 0.5 speed lol

James Turner: Arsenal gold kit from 2001 and home and away from unbeaten season

DGG: Omfg, seriously, younporn buffon? I'm a real Madrid fan and i cant believe you just calles buffon to iker casillas.

Pk PlayZ: Tinpot Liverpool fan they've been with new balance since 2015 lol how tinpot😂

Blaze HunterCass: Lfc 2009 kit would be sick

Noah Meyer: Atleti are still tearing shit up

Marco Magana: anyone else liked the 2010 Germany WC Away kit?

Joe Brown: I only give a shit about the confirmed kits, as soon as I saw the question mark in title of the video I'm just not interested

Nijja Neon: Red barca kit 2014,2015

Gosi Ye: How will they put these Kits in the game if these teams don't even run the same sponsors? Smh think baldy