Voicemeeter Banana and OBS Settings for Livestreaming/Recording on a Single PC

Everything you need to know about Voicemeeter Banana. The Virtual Audio Cables come from the same website http://vb-audio.com. Follow me on Twitter: @WDA_Punisher Check out and follow my livestream: www.twitch.tv/wda_punisher Proudly sponsored by No Scope Gaming Glasses. Get yours here: https://www.noscopeglasses.com/demon-glasses/?tracking=punisher01 -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "NDI" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oBQW2btfEoI -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-


Junkye Funky: useless video u only speak and show your setup! u need to show how to do setting and thing!!! very useless

Junkye Funky: dude your level mic is to low i cant hear a thing and i am all max out wtf? irony video

Rocco: So I see you can turn music on and off in your headset. Awesome!
Is there a way you can make it so the stream hears it at 50% level and you hear it at a 25% level? Thanks for the video man

What Would Dad Do?: can take all this swallowing and sucking hes doing between sentences. People don't want to hear that

Sir_Reyz: Hey bro, good video. I'm trying to set up the equalization for Banana, but can't figure out a good curve. What did you do for your equalization?

Techsavvy Gaming: It's most likely low due to the EQs being turned down, which there's no need too, if anything only thing I put negative is bass and sometimes mids,

Just4ThePlayerZ: Hi how are you? I have a question and have a Problem. My Problem is that i cant minimize my Desktop/Gaming( B1)sound just in Headphones, when i Minimize it, it also minimizing it at my stream (B2 OBS). And when i minimizing or make it louder in MasterSektion nothing Changes, when i make it louder or minimizing the sound in B1 it also minimizing my Sound in my Stream which is going over b2 to obs. I want to turn down the gaming sound in my stream but louder in my headphones?

Esmerelda Lily Dubrinsky: gahhh so much to learn

Zasty: When I turn down my music it also turns down the game audio any help?

ThunderBolt /Gameplays, Random \ Variedad a tope.: Volume / Normalized100% / 100% (content loudness -22.9dB)
Are u sure that u have done a propper config?
your video is that " i cant hear uuuuuuuu"

brian hinds: so do you use the aux for streaming or could you just use b1 ?

Adam Owens: This is an old vid, but I just want to point out, with your equalizer all the way down in the Lo range, you end up making yourself sound really muddy.

Danny Hoffmann: dude the one thing you didnt want to explain you decided not to do it!!! i need to know how to find these recordings on the tape or find how to save it!

Remedy OmG: So I got it set up so in OBS I have a sound channel for my mic, game, and music. All 3 move correctly with the audio, however only my mic is heard. Do you have any idea what could cause it?

Jacksodus: Really annoying that Spotify doesn't allow selecting the Output Device natively, nor is there any working tool out there right now...

McFckery: how do i mute discord without muting me on my stream through obs, i have people who i play on discrod with who dont want there voices on stream see

Taylor Sipes: How did you tell spotify what cable to use?

RealxJacobb: hey someone help me with it, i want my stream to hear music and not my voice or the skype call can someone help me? i have this installed and i use OBS

Ross Cutting: thanks heaps i have now downloaded the software as i could not get my mic on my headset to work for the life of me. and now it seems to be working. i will be donating to the developers soon as i make sure it does all my gaming and music needs and soon to be streaming needs. thanks again. just wish they had an Australian donation conversion. most software companys forget about us aussies

T0pCL4SS: Who's this guy? :P