Create Album with iTunes

This is a tutorial on how to create an album using iTunes. This helps organize your music for when it is distributed online. This is good for musicians who are making mixtapes, albums, etc. If you want to post your music on iTunes, check out the tutorial I made a while back. And yes this works for Mac & PC! Thanks for watching guys! -Nick Put your music on iTunes- My Twitter- htttp://


OZ’s guitar Lessons: If u already made music, how do u transfer the music onto itunes

904Gorilla: thanks dude!!

השם שלי יכול להיות ג 'ק: but how do I make a playlist with the numbers so it doesn't shuffle automatically when I play it on iTunes

Michael Caples: Litte different than in 2011 and Windows 10 but the video still helped! Thanks, man!

n0stalgic: I tunes is probably the worst software ever invented. I can take the time and explain what i went through, but i'd end up getting another nerve breakdown. Whoever made this software has disabilities and special needs (not making fun of this condition). Wow, how did these retards get a job at apple?

Imp of Chaos: Thanks dood! Really helped.

Count Rackula: protect lil b at all costs

Kerrylee Marsden: Thanks really helped, although I'm following 2016 version I was able to find my to success.

ferbious: thank you. super helpful

Peridot: (( under "top 25 most played " thats my name. :0 ))

AlienButter Skates: 7/10/2016 and still working, Thanks so much!!!

miguel z: can u delete the playlist you made after orrrrrr?

Bella Offical: Yuppp

JustGoodMusic: I just uploaded a video on my channel on how to easily create a customized itunes album in 2016. The video is in 4k so go check it out on my channel!

Ashton Zautke: how do you get it on PC?

Primere Official: Thank you so much for this, it was very, very helpful and I appreciate it so much.

Fany&FeliciaVlogs: yasss thank you so much! it's 2016 and still works!! :)

CALITRANO: how did you get rid of the playlist? or  you just keep creating playlists till they fill up?

Lara Croft: thank you !!!

DARK HABIT: Omg man thank you soooo much, like+favorite :)