Skyrim Mod Spotlight: Spell Tome Books Retextured

Thanks for watching! Spell Tome Books Retextured


1oAce: Who the fuck removes a mod this simple?

T.A. Silvers: why is this mod no longer available? :(

Seth Hoch: I actually quite enjoy the minimalist look this mod provides, but was saddened to see that the mod seems to have been removed. Anyone know if it was reuploaded?

Al Capown: Tad to "modern" for me. Also all costs look pain and boring in my option. Still good showcase.

Potaters12: Nah... not for me. Spell tomes should look worn out and old.

boat: Nice and minimalistic. Endorsed.

Belinda Dunning: I actually really liked the vanilla spell tomes. There are a lot of things that could have been better in Skyrim and where mods are a great solution, but spell tomes aren't part of that. 

PersianinSweden: This is one of the shittiest mods I've ever seen! They all look the same!

Viktor Wilfried: Vanilla is better!

Andre Isaac: Look less fancy for me.

ChocolateNoodle: I'm down for a retexture but removing the color coding is the wrong way to do it. I'd rather just use the normal HD textures.

WillieWest: Finally, one of your videos showed up in my sub-box.

Fix your crap, YouTube!

Chris Anders: wow what a ridiculously lame looking mod!

SoundtrackGermany: never....

IceMaverick: I agree the vanilla tomes need something different, but this isn't it for me. The color is too drab and bleh. Everything else about this game is already grey and washed out; I don't need the magical spell tomes to join them. Tomes containing powerful and flashy spells shouldn't look so modern and "printed". They were served better looking like bright, old tomes.

RandomIanBeamish: I think if the symbols were not as small nor as sharp, like if they looked more worn.. then I think id download this mod on the spot. :D

Durandal 980AD:  I prefer these Book Covers Skyrim, 

Gage StDon: I never was a fan of the vanilla Spell Tomes.

I really do like this mod!

CaronDriel: I like them. They seem like something that a very practical wizard would create. And other than crazy wizards, I imagine most are very practical.

DuhgulpMan: It makes the books look boring and plain.