Minecraft Los Block Santos LBS City Daily Update Ep 7 Atlantis Underwater City Ruins

So I am trying a new approach to my channel this year, rather than only show you guys stuff once it is finished I am letting you see it all at every step of the way. Don't forget! Keep this content coming by hitting like, comment, share and subscribe! Thank you


Gamesta: Amazing!

gaz: Sick world truly epic stuff.

Darren Manorwood: Loving this addition

Sean Woods: The world just gets better and crazier

Lisa Lilly: OMG your now building under water also

Shellboy: Thats sick mate

Adrian Hicks: A massive world of brilliant builds wow

AtomTom: Its all just too good,, I wanna help you with it

S-X Gaming: So much awesome stuff in one world

James Hedel: Your devotion to that world is astonishing

Sam Cox: Thats so cool

Number One Channel: Sick world man just amazing

MCKing: You couldnt make this world any better bro you really couldnt epic job on this one

по каифу: Yo bro how long do u Think how long this World will take Can u give me a download link on this World now or no If not will There be a download link for eu and disc or is IT only gonna be for digital Bc i need to start a new lėts play as soon as i Can but how mutch % is IT done now Bc IT looks so epic bro i cant wait

Purple Creeper: world looks amazing got my sub

AndaluzMC: Hola,me gustaria usar tus mapas en una serie en mi canal,los credito sera para el creador si puedes pasarme los link te lo agradeceria compañero ^^

Love Minecraft: OK So what next? I am scared to suggest anything and you build it and delay the release of this world even more but it still be worth the wait

harleyowen91: awesome work. wish I coulda helped. I always wanted to do something like this. just didn't have the skill to pull it off

fulger31 ,: epic work mate Um where to start. loved the video. was than new building by the race cars and the under Atlantis was good real good and here's a thought how about a country and western town under ground oh yeah I spred the word every day. and start some more tours that prolly help your subs as well

JoKE Orbit: Hoping The Map DOWNLOAD Come out on my b day April 3