PKG Linker 2.0 First Look, Initial Setup and More! (Xploit 3.0/HAN/CFW)

First look at this updated popular software by Pink1 and DeViL303, It helps with installing packages over 4GB on HAN and CFW consoles. Loads of changes in this latest update, completely new GUI, different server, better server controls, PS3 XMB control for PKG Linker, ping tool, resigning tool, theme controls. tray icon and controls etc. For more info and downloads see


DeViL303: For more info and downloads see PSX-PLACE

Aten Rana: Sir I got an error while start server
It says Apache failed to start

Citroen Games: Why does it not work on rebug 4.82 cex cobra edition i did it the lan way and i did it the over the internet way and both doesnt work on my ps3 can someone explaint why becuse im not using vpn adapter or anything like that

Joseph Wold: The link is down.

Prajwal Patil: vcruntime140.dll missing plz help

Hashim Ieda: httpd_z.exe - Application Error help plzzzz????

Amar diaw: When i want to install pkg game in ps3 it’s say error 80710092 help me

Skins69: I'm only interested in using the pkglinker to start HAN-offline, with only Wi-Fi connection, without wires, how should I do this in my ps3?

matan klinger: for those who get some kind of error starting Apache, be sure to download:
Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015 Update 1
Select: vc_redist.x86.exe

Minh Duc: do i need ethernet

breaktube: So the links do not work anymore ?

catcat70: How did you get that nice xmb theme?

Pulp Vision: Excellent tutorial! I watched up to 10:49 and did the guesswork on my own.As a result-SUCCESSS! BTW thanks for not using annoying Dubstep music in the background!

Natsu Dragnir: Please help i get an error when i want start a new server "Apach Failed to start"

Bryzo: Link is dead for me can you upload again?

Christian Lauber: when i try to start the server i receive an error message "Spaces are not allowed please corect and run the application again. To prevent problems UniController will close" what can i do????

svske: How you get this awesome background?

Matthew Lobo: Pkglinker can't find my FTP what do I do?

Daren Turner: for some reason "han offline functions" and "install package files from webserver" is not showing up on my ps3. even the icons in each menu doesn't show either. any ideas why they both aren't showing? is it because pkglinker or not?

devblue510: hey, the link is down on that site! re-upload plz and thank you ;)

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