Waveshare 7" Touch Screen LCD working on Kali Linux

Product Link : http://amzn.to/1Hrum7k Distro Tested : https://www.kali.org/ I actually mispronounced the name of the display, this is not a TFT display but an LCD touchscreen display. The reason for this display is 800x480. * Setup Instructions * * After burning the Kali image to your SD Card, insert it into your Pi and boot the OS. * Mount the boot partition since boot was not mounted by default in my download, sudo mount /dev/mmcblk0p1 /boot/ * Copy the /boot/config.txt from Raspbian and paste it into /boot/. There's many ways this can be done, I just found the config.txt off another SD card I had, shelled into the Kali Pi2, edited the file in nano and pasted the entire document. *Note: running the install script below will also provide the changes to your boot config, but make sure you run the above command to make sure that the boot partition is mounted. * Check out the driver repository, cd ~/ git clone https://github.com/derekhe/waveshare-7inch-touchscreen-driver.git waveshare cd waveshare * Edit the install.sh in the directory, comment the line that contains pip-3.2 and uncomment the line that has pip3 which should be beneath the pip-3.2 line. * Continue on w/ the install, chmod +x install.sh sudo apt-get update sudo ./install.sh sudo shutdown -r now Once you've gotten to this point and your Pi2 reboots, it should work. Word of advice though, the LCD display should not be powered off the Pi2 bus, you should get a Y cable much like http://amzn.to/1HrytQP which I connected the female plug to a hub, the data male plug to the Pi2 and then the power male plug to another 5v source, can be AC adapter or a usb port on another device other than the Pi. The reason I suggest this is because the LCD draws a lot of power from the Pi2 which causes it to run unstable and distort the display. The modifications made to the /boot/config.txt should look along these lines, hdmi_force_hotplug=1 hdmi_group=2 hdmi_mode=1 hdmi_mode=87 hdmi_cvt=800 480 70 6 0 0 0 * References * http://elinux.org/RPiconfig http://rageweb.info/2013/11/07/bootconfig-txt-in-kali/ https://github.com/derekhe/waveshare-7inch-touchscreen-driver


Sumit Padekar: When I put resolution in config.txt then it shows after rebooting it's opens with terminal and not the graphical mode

Luis Del Rio: I did all of this and It still does not work for me. Someone, please help. I get the screen working but the touchscreen goes out of whack.

Luis Del Rio: I tried this but got the screen working glitchy. I then bought the Y cable you recommended and the Kali OS does not recognize the touch at all. Someone, please help.

Ayy Lmao: Much easier solution:

sudo mount /dev/mmcblk0p1 /boot/
cd ~/boot/
create a text file called config.txt
nano config.txt
then, add these lines of code

hdmi_cvt 800 480 60 6 0 0 0

Save, and reboot

Jacksaur: How is the response time for it? Would it be fast enough for rhythm based games?

mayank sinha: I also have a similar touchscreen, is there a way to control its brightness?, i am using it with a pi 3(raspbian)

090janjan: can u send me a step by step tutorial iam new to linux os

MrArhos: you are the best my friend!!! Is working like a charm!!!

Paddyirishman: can you write text on Kali touch screen

jonasxdufek: i tried 3 hours to get kali working on my 5inch lcd now its working but always saids on startup Boot: Failed to start Light Display Manager. and then goes to cmd enviroment

S.C AMAN: how to control brightness on waveshare 7 inch

Egemen Çalışkan: can you make a video about this

Thomas Pascavage: this should work for any linux distro correct? im running debian so ill try it but if im not mistaken they all should function similarly

yellingatcows: I have a 3.5 inch screen, do you know how to scale down the dpi? It's so small I can't see most menus to change settings.

Dr.FragensteinM.D.: awesome, ive had a very hard time getting the touch to work on mi carpi project, hopefully this will work much better

Daniel Webb: can you do this with the waveshare 5inch hdmi lcd screen?  thanks.

sotirisnik: Can the touch work with android?

SpOtTeRdEuS: is possible waveshare 3.2 inch on kali?

JarppaGuru: this is hdmi screen no drivers needed. works even playstation3 and 4 lol? touchscreen is another thing. its hid device so can write drivers by hand :)

kirkyw84 woodend: Can you please explain how you done this part is simple terms "Copy the /boot/config.txt from Raspbian and paste it into /boot/. There's many ways this can be done, I just found the config.txt off another SD card I had, shelled into the Kali Pi2, edited the file in nano and pasted the entire document."