Hitachi EX1200-5C Documentary

A look at a 2005 Hitachi EX1200-5C mass excavator. Don't forget to join the PAmining Facebook for news, updates and pictures!


Suparan Itu Dwi: With new engine type on this EX1200-5C make engine have more durability !

Mike Whipkey: I've watched all these videos At least 3x each but I could watch them a 100x they never get old!

Deere2154D: 120 ton class with a 9 yard bucket is pathetic. the komatsu 800lc I operate has a 9 yard 93 inch bucket.

Sbane Geiger: You have to com to Babbitt it has a 1954 jatdrill

Alexx Ison: Would this be about the size of a Cat 385?

Alex Williamson's blind adventures: Wow that is one huge excavator I think Ertl toys makes a model of it so I'll get to see it as part of their big farming series

HellbilleH: Thank you for the explanation.

JRBUISEXCAVATING: Not 353,250 psi, 353,250 total lbs. my mistake. By the way, keep up the good work. Great vids!

JRBUISEXCAVATING: Everyone seems to think that the "upside down" boom cylinders are to increase hoist power. The problem with that is if the cylinder bore is 10 inches (mind you not the actual size of this machine)and we take pie r2 we get a surface area on the cylinder rod end of 78.5 sq in. Lets say the max boom pressure is 4500 psi. So the maximum amount of pressure or power that one cylinder can supply is 353,250 psi. The cylinder does not know what side of it is stationary and which side is dynamic.

kevin york: nice machine i run a hitachi 600 where i work

evadvalcourt: false again.. the cylinders stay the same they could be upside down they are still the same cylinder it doesnt change anything

PAmining: She's been well taken care of

ben saxon: she sure is in good condition for a 2005 model... and the "upside down" boom cylinders are to increase power.

1:87/ HO Scale Modeling.: Hit the nail right on the head.

Lokis12 Loki: whats the point of having upside down sylinders on the boomb?

South Georgia Farming: @PAmining All i can say it must have a great operator. Ive seen excavators on the job for a few weeks and they have scratches and gouges all on the counter weight area. Just operators that don't care to take care of their machines.

PAmining: @terrellfarms1 No this was filmed over the summer of 2011

South Georgia Farming: @diecastmania You are right that thing is extremely clean. I wonder if this an older video? I don't know to many 6 year old excavators that look this good.

MotoScootMech: That machine is beautiful, one of my favorites for sure. Awesome job Justin, thanks!

PAmining: @jserra17 They are about identical in size and capacity