Z Review - Audio-GD R2R-11

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Andrei Pasca: Guys! Which one is better? Fostex HPA-4BL or the Audio-gd r2r 11? I will be pairing one of those with my M1060. Did any of you hear them both? I know the Audio-gd has more power and is praised by everyone however the Fostex is better looking and has a smaller footprint and a balanced out wich I can take advantage of with the m1060. They cost around the same here in Europe. Can anyone help me?

Salty Maud: Do you still maintain that this is a good DAC-amp unit? I've been pleased with mine but i came to this from onboard audio - to which i can tell this is without a doubt superior, but i have no idea whether i'd call this better or worse than some other similarly priced DAC-amp as i don't have anything to compare against. Seeing how audio gd products have measured to perform like dogshit and how the infamous super best audio friends forum seems to unanimously liken these to that very thing has made me question whether this is actually any good. What do you think, have you still used and liked yours seeing that you have a lot of other equipment to compare this against?

qwuzzy: 6:04 holy rofl

Cory R: What are some good speakers to pair with this? the speakers in your 2.0 gaming/music list dont seem to be "active" ?

It's just Me: Would this pair well with Audio engines or something similar?

Horst Schimanski: It´s called Amaretto!

P.: European viewer here, please never forget us Z :~~~~

Jarod Ferkin: Final sonorous vi is 8 ohms lol

Thoughtflux: Zeos how come you find these affecting the sound but not the bifrost? Are R2R really snake oil? I'm confused.. I have a D1 & Asgard2, do i need a dac? Will it make a difference?

Koutcherouk Heinrich: It's "AMANERO"...

Solar Eclipse: Why don't the Chinese have good interpreters for manuals?

Solar Eclipse: I always turn every thing down before I do anything. I also don't need an indicator on the pot, because I turn it up according to my ears.

Spartan: R2R 11 or NFB 11?

andrew doan: One fucking powerful amp that will blow the mussy grand father class A mosfet output stage out of the water. Audio God 2R2 11 is the way to go.

Junglist82: Apparently there is new firmware out for the USB interface that resolves the popping issue. Has anybody updated the firmware on their unit? If so, which firmware did you use from the Amanero page and what was the process like?

mmmBurekNJAMNJAM: Long story short: left driver on my shp9500 died. Ordered t50rp mk3 with the 1540 pads. Probably the most boring sounding 200€ I ever spent, if I could actually hear anything. So now I gotta dish out some cash for an amp, I guess. Question is, would a magni3 or a magni/modi combo be a sufficient enough option for the mk3s, or should I throw 390€ (shipping included) for the r2r 11 and (probably?) not have to worry about buying another dac/amp combo ever again? The third option is o2/odac for 250€. Thanks.

Matheus Madruga: Could anybody tell me if it's worth selling the Marantz HD Dac 1 and to buy this Audio GD R2R 11? Wich is better? Thanks.

Nolan Hughes: With the hd600's what will have better synergy, the nfb-11 or the r2r-11?

Muntasir Tanvir: can you use it with Android phones???

The Solid lad: Please (Audio) God, make Zeos see this.
How does this compare to the more powerful 10th anni. edition of your belowed x1s?
I've got the x1s 10th anni sitting on my desk, it was delivered yesterday... bought it for 270 eur, and I could get the R2R-11 for 400 with shipping if I return the Aune in time. Should I do it?

I plan to power headphones such as the akg k712, sennheiser hd600 and maybe a DT1990... which would all be powered by the x1s anniversary just fine afaik...
BUT to cover all their impedance peaks (for example the hd600 can get up to 500ohms) and release their full potential maybe I'd need something more powerful?

P.s.: Pls help, even if your imaginary name isn't Zeos and you don't have an ugly cat.

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