Old RuneScape Soundtrack: Harmony

Writer: Ian Taylor Company: Jagex Year: 2004 This song was played in Lumbridge Castle. This song is from 2004. If you want to listen more old RuneScape songs please visit my channel.


MAiK: like if listening in 2019 ;D

MAiK: Computer class in middle school were the days

None: crying in the club right now

Lucario7280: It was 2007, I had returned to Lumbridge from Al Kharid after having enough to afford a bronze plateskirt. I wanted to show off my progress when a bystander walked up to me and said "nice skirt". I was completely unaware that it looked like a skirt, despite having the name in it. Embarrassed, I only replied with a single exclamation point. That's the earliest memory I could remember, but it was the first time I felt humiliated in an online game.

Anon Ymous: On today's episode of TierZoo...

Connor and Elyse Silver: I remember the first time hearing this in the RS2 beta.. crazy!

Implodingsphere: I heard a rumor that one of the guards’ mom is just like the gate, takes 10gp to enter

Harris Ross: Beats the hell out of goblin. The good ol days

Backyard Music Feedback: Duuuudeee

Rix Prester: Even though i started playing since 2013 i can still feel the vibe when i'm still a noob😂

All Star Pterosaur: If you’re a South American sea lion main

Dm: You’re chilling on the beach and you notice a huge black fin in the water. What do you do?

You: Intimidate it.

Dm: Are you sure?

You: Yep

Dm: Alright. Roll an intimidation buff.

orca main tries to grab you but you use intimidation bark

Dm: I hate you

alex chop: Man… the general store used to be lit. You never knew what you'd find in there. Cow hides to iron med helms

DERP DA WORLD: You eat the cabbage. Yuck!

Nathan Loe: Throwback to my runescape girlfriend xxHeartFishxx asking me how tall I was, and 9 year old me not knowing how height worked but still wanting to impress her saying I was 7 feet tall

Ts Drumss: Using your prepaid phone credit for membership

_________: I need this bass boosted

Preecy 123: I remember the teacher reading a book in school and didn't know what smelting was. I stood up to be the big man in this situation

emo sausage: I feel nostalgic for this, despite me never playing this game.

Stannis Baratheon: Ah I can almost hear my first death to a lvl 2 spider. I still can't remember how I pulled that off. I wasn't terribly bright when I started in 2005.

Shoaib Khan: Oh dear, you are dead!