Dapple Gray Percheron

Tim practices newly trained skills with Oberon. Oberon was trained by Jamie at Higher Ground Farm in Eagle Bridge, NY. He is a rescued logging horse who at one time was down to 1200 pounds. He is now back up to weight at 1600 pounds.


Jade Hobbs: How many hands ??

scuttermax852: You can definitely give Percherons some latitude. The mare I rode during schooling is Mercedes, a Dapple Gray, too. She was kind and patient with me. Thanks for taking him in.

claire17ceili: This is upstate New York, near Round Lake.

claire17ceili: So sorry I haven't checked my channel in so long! We sold him in early July -- I would have loved to show him to you. Claire

claire17ceili: Yes, and sweet, and full of mischief.

oxNEONxGREENxo: He IS a beauty! Wow (:

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