Advanced Texture Cleanup with Earth Oliver | RGG EDU Retouching Tutorial Trailer

Forget everything you know about retouching texture in Adobe Photoshop! Join Earth Oliver, as he teaches his secrets about a revolutionary way to edit textures no matter how smooth or complex. Use Earth's techniques to adjust skin, shiny and reflective surfaces, and fabric. Don't wait to get your hands on this tutorial today and change the way you retouch forever. Follow Earth through four hours of post-production workflow to learn a smarter, faster way to retouch. Throw out everything you know about frequency separation and discover what we call 'Frequency Separation 2.0, a revolutionary way to retouch.' Earth will walk you through the well-known use of frequency separation today, address why it doesn't work, and demonstrate his techniques on several surfaces including skin, wrinkled fabric, a smooth, shiny surface, and more. To see our recommended gear kits, visit our kit page here: Be the first to learn about new tutorials, exclusive offers, and news! Sign up for our newsletter now: FOLLOW US ►Facebook: ►Befriend Us: ►Instagram: ►Blog: ►Podcast:


Waldir Borba Junior: I want this course.

Jan Květina: Save yourself some money and dont buy this. There is nothing 2.0 about it. Guess what? You can use Median or Surface blur instead of Gauss. You can use Mixer brush or regular brush instead of Healing brush or Clone stamp. That is not enough to call it reinvention and game changer. And he even didnt explained Mixer brush at all in the tutorial BTW.

Adrian Gray: wasn't the multi level burn and dodge the new technique that made frequency separation obsolete?

Danny Haiduk: Where can I buy this?

wedoplayer: When will this Tutorial be available?

pixelkat1819: Curious to how different this will be from Sef’s Median version he uses?

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