How to get Pokemon Sun and Moon for PC (FREE) 2018

In today's video i will show you how to get any 3DS game on a Citra emulator! Enjoy!:) If you want to get pokemon Ultra sun and Ultra moon, head to my latest video to get it: [THIS VIDEO IS FOR EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY] 1st emulator link: 2nd emulator link: 3rd emulator (pokemon x emulator) link: Pokemon moon link:!lccmlKLA Moon decryption key: lU_86Juc39KGg34CAmLDwlDAGwzsdGchbnK2C6xOJ0c Pokemon sun link:!FId0iCyQ Sun decryption key: YbJbDRmmi5ra7BN4vJw4BrXLtf5EsxtlZbSwNxDG2OA Pokemon alpha sapphire link (had to put it in a .zip file) : Pokemon x link: Winrar (for the sun link, I had 2 put it into a rar file) Pokemon X savefiles: Background music:


Devin Poops: Can u help me my screen is glitchy and then screen is different from a normal start up screen do I have to download all the emulators??

Thundernex: wtfuck this is real man gooddddd but the file size is goddam crazy and now the system requirements specs is to high!!!

Dp Gamerz: Is it online

Rawr Dino: Lol Why i am watching if i have nintendo switch anyway Who is watching in 2018?????

Vigano Gaming: I use rog but the speed percentage of my game is low

I Love Anime: what is the sun kryptokey

Manuel Ojeda: the game INSTALLS FOR LIKE A WHOLE DAY

Hans The Cool: This kid is a god damm legend

CraigWings: nigga gave me a virus

ANTA999ful: it work but it is so slow and some errors

lord biegaj: fuck you bitch

Janiix89: Doge!!!

LISEKgames2016: this feeling when kid on youtube is accepted. Thanks a lot kiddo anyway

Nightfall: Works fine, thanks a lot!

Bleu Cheeze: Hey, kid thx for this I was looking for something like this after i gave my 3ds to my little cousin so I made sure to subscribe and turn on notifications.

DreSouls: you're a smart kid man keep it up!

EarlFromPh YT: the sun link doesnt work

Gage Sees: totorial for pokemon x ?

Sean Lye: The link for pokemon sun and moon did not available anymore... any ideas?

Over Red: I Can not download.ho noooooooooo ToT

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