Madonna - Live To Tell

From the True Blue album - Warner Bros


Edson Andreoli: Madonna sua linda. Living with joy is living forever !!

Tanya Kelly: This is a beautiful song

Chris Morris: My favorite song of hers.

jose morgado: It's time for all of Madonna's video clips to upload quality in HD ... It's a shame to see them in this quality so poor in definition !

Angela Solo Io: Foi na minha alma...💔

Frank Parker: My favorite Madonna song. I also love how adorable she looks in this video. House wife Madonna mode was in full swing.

JohnnyRetweeter: MUSIC GENRES CREATED IN THE 1980's- Disco Funk, Freestyle, House Music, Rap/Hip Hop/Gangster, Punk, New Wave, Goth, Alternative Rock, Synth Pop, Metal (Heavy/Rap/Black/Death etc) Euro Dance, R&B and of course NewPop which put out amazing hits from legends like Michael Jackson/ Madonna etc every week.  On top of that each genre had so much variety and most importantly it wasn't just the quantity of music created in the 80's- It was the QUALITY of the music!

Revenge of Cyril's todger: She was she has stupid beliefs.shame

Stuart Fleming: So............What is the secret!?!

Snake Eyes: She looks so romantic in this

Alexandre Fernandes: linda canção!

Kinshasa Brown: Listening Dec 2018

Severity One: True Blue is such an outstanding album. Not just in Madonna's discography, but in general.

Ruben Guerrero: Mother passed away the day after my 17th bday this was here favorite song I still hear the bass and sounds blasting..grown at 33 now my mother was a fool for many things unanswered I look to this song to find her can get you killed she got out the car on the freeway arguing with her husband and got struck by multiple cars..long story short this song is deeply imbedded in me.


maciel jose: Bolsonaro presidente


todye4: Sean Penn was cute

Sully Earna: You can never go back☠️☠️☠️

Teve y Radio de Ayer y Hoy: Lunes 17 de diciembre de 2018... !