Cardo Scala Rider Q1 and Q3 Review

Scala Rider Q1 and Q3 Headsets The Scala Rider Q1 and Q3 are both excellent Bluetooth communication systems. In this video we point out the main differences between the two system and give a detailed overview of the features and accessories included with each unit. Watch our Scala Rider Q1 and Q3 video and find out if either of them are a communication system that can full fill your needs.


Chris Le Couteur: how do you join 3 Q3 toghter ? As we can only seem to join two and not the 3rd

EASEM CAT: Hay algún español que use este intercomunicador ?????

EASEM CAT: lo tenemos en español
parece que se explica, pero no le entiendo

6Foot4Honda: about time. long time customer :)

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