Kitty Cat Charm/Mini Figurine Rainbow Loom Tutorial

***THERE IS A REPEATED PROCESS FOR THE NOSE. PLEASE IGNORE IT. Copyright © TutorialsByA, 2014. Please do not copy, remake, or redistribute this tutorial or design. Hi everyone! I've been doing a lot of animals lately and have gotten a lot of requests for a cat. Good job for reading the description box ;) because now you get to know my upcoming animal tutorials: penguin & dog :) I'm still working on some more, so let me know any more requests you have in the comments below! Love all around, A INSTAGRAM: @TutorialsByA PINTEREST: FACEBOOK: TWITTER: Thumbnail Background: Thumbnail Font: "Kitty" in Fat Marker font by Thumbnail font: "tutorialsbya" in Cookie Monster font by Des Gomez


ThisIsXFV: Thank you soooo much Angelynn! It is so easy and cute! 😙😄

Miss Snow: We made 2 snouts and one of them disappeared😂

Water Ninja: Mine looks like a dememted pig bear

Laura Dickinson: My bands snapped right at the end 😭

- dragonbreath8765 -: Slow down you're going to fast

Sarah Lucero: You showed us how to do the nose twice and made me kind of confused because I was putting two noses on the cat but I noticed that you did it again lol

zainab Abid: you are so dumb you don't even know how to instruct people and show them how to make it

Ashlee King: This broke my hook. thanks.

Puppy Lover: I did it yay!

A Délire: I really like your kitty cat but you can put the tail 😂😄

Boo Gaming Girl: I've given up because of the cat bands and I gave up on the penguin and chick I do not recommend using cat band find another way

Lizziejean Ranui: I tried my best and it turned out to be a cyclopse cat that had a bad hair day

Prasad Vankadaru: LOL

Prasad Vankadaru: so cute can you make a arctic wolf please

Serdik Craig: I like watching angelynn, because she uses the same style. So i can go ahead because i can predict her next steps


mark millican: So easy. Paws didn't work out

Maggie Ourlian: could not find any black or grays for the head and body what should i do?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Plugged to Gacha: you explain horribly please explain better!!!

Bethany Bickel: Could you PLEASE make a loomless version!!!!!!!