Life as an Airline Pilot

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Bzns Sts: ترقية

DenSpotter: Awesome video! What airline?

Fghhvx Xcvhfz: that's greate. i"m from Russia, but I want to be a pilot. But a Putin is dicator, еherefore, in Russia it is bad with the training of pilots.

Varghese Antony: what's that race track at 6:20 ? looks familiar

OTF Jericho: Been following this Channel since year 10 in school, this video is a great motivational boost for me, every time I seem to struggle with something I just watch this video to make me feel better. ✈️

Michael Cooper: Will having a criminal record prevent me from become a pilot? And I have a stigma, would this prevent me ftom passing my medical?

Johnmark Obando: I always watch this video
Very great

KIM JONG FAT: Wheres the studying until you almost go crazy part? :p

Herkules: 👍👍👍👍👍

OneMore Thing: You could pay commercial jet pilots a million a year and still would not be fair

Joseph Badolo: This is my dream

German Aviation: 7:27 Blue livery Under the Engine
Ryanair has that
He is flying a European airline
Ryanair is European
He flies for ryanair, but to be honest, he probably butters the landings.

Laura Fumić: 2:07 Malcolm 😂

Priya Singh: I want to be a Pilot

Alcatraz 777X: 4:05 which airport?

elias castro: Muito top😍😍😍😍😍

TheCessnaFlyer: it is the best job!

Nithin's Music Lab: Really i inspired this vedio and went to bocome a airline pilot i wrote Meteorology,Air navigation , and Air regulation and i passed those subjuct but finally my pocket was torred i am sitting simply ....not only brave bulk amount of money also want to become a pilot and luck also .....

Unnie Kpop: No one believes me. They laigh at me and said it was a big joke. My friends, even family doesn't think I can make it. :((

AeroManiac: I seriously need to get on with my life..... This is too much........