Letoonia Club Song

Letoonia Club Song 2nd October (Tuesday Night) 2007


a m i: That was the alladin show wasn't it?

Thomas Hill: I was there on the stage

Wassim Bakri: whats the name of song before the show ''turkieh'' and the name of actors???

Jordan Deeney: i remember everytime this came on me ma mum an dad wud escape lol

Neil Taylor: The song is "Gimme Hope Jo'anna" by Dolapdere Big Gang.

Olivia Woods: OMG I REMBER THIS !!

angi habibti: oh letoonia one of my best holidays ever i love it there

Jasmine Taylor: i downloaded this song when i got back. it is AMAZING. you can tell it by the 'yo yo yo' at the start. amazing holiday ever x

TBITH: I was at that show !!!!!! I just got back from there it's awsome

FishinGuitarMad: i'm going there tomorrow! and the song is Gimme hope Joanna by Eddy Grant, in Turkish tho!

Evrim Ece Senol: Definitely the best club in the mediterranean! Been there for our honeymoon.

James Pearce: best fucking hotel on earth! hey rod and ozzy!!

Mert G: i was there, nine times :)

BALLEDEMATCH: I have uploaded three more clips of that night. Hope you can find yourself on them.

BALLEDEMATCH: My girlfriend and I took some more which we haven't downloaded yet because three members of our family took part in the show thanks to Rico! Let us know which one you are and I will see if we have any more. It realy is a small world! Rachel and Michael

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